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    Default Which type would you say I am?

    I’d like to do a bit of a person-dump, with hopes that a number of you might give me your thoughts on my Meyers-briggs type. I’m going to do this in punchy declarative sentences because I find it hard to talk about myself in any other way.

    I love languages. I often spend evenings reading wikipedia entries of different ones, learning about quirks in phonology and syntax and all the rest. That’s an idea of a good time, for me. Organic systems—fun.

    I love music. I love dancing wildly to loud music, I love listening to the same recording over and over again, I love composing. I’ve always had a sort of visual component to my hearing, which is especially present in music.

    I love beauty—I find physical perfection in other people to be deeply good and rewarding. I dig art, immensely.

    I am very messy and disorganized. I prefer things strewn all over my floor to a clean one—it makes me feel comforted.

    I’ve always felt a bit neutral, as though my Self isn’t quite as powerful as other people’s. My feelings seem more distant—I often have to strain to recognize them. A lot of the time, I’ll recognize that I am in a bad mood, or a good one, or feeling restless, or feeling content, and then approach the day with that in mind, constantly considering my state as it pertains to my feelings and thoughts in any given situation.

    I am considered to be quite charming. I am fluent in social situations. I have many wonderful friends whom I love very much and who feel the same about me. I don’t give of myself easily, but once I let someone in, I am a damn good friend, and will make them feel supported and loved.

    I love to laugh, and I love to make other people laugh. I love getting wasted and affectionate with people I care for. I love adventure—I like doing things for the first time.

    I am often deeply apathetic. I find the world to be mostly arbitrary—beautiful, fascinating, wonderful, a privilege to be in, but arbitrary. To counteract my apathy I try to place myself in trying situations, situations that require ingenuity and cunning. Put more simply: I try to trick myself out of my comfort zone.

    I practice radical non-judgment, not incredibly well, but as well as I can manage. I can’t stand pettiness. I find it difficult to understand people who get flustered easily, or petulant, or experience road-rage. I am rarely anxious.

    When forced to speak about my feelings, though, I can get very uncomfortable. I tend to talk less than other people. In my friendships, discussion tends to be much more about others’ problems than my own.

    I’ve done well in school my whole life without a great deal of effort. I am only recently discovering the wonders of hard work.

    I’d like to be a novelist. I dream of Michiko Kakutani calling me a luminous young talent or some other meaningless bit of praise.

    I’m also rather silly in many situations, I don’t take myself all that seriously, and this post is written in a tone that I very rarely employ in real life.

    Thanks to anyone who responds!

    I'll let you know what most tests say once I've garnered a few responses.

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    My first guess would be ENTP, but we'll probably need to explore a bit more, and I gotsta go to sleep now.... <yawn>

    Anyway, welcome!
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    I can see sp/so type 9, unsure of wing. As for your MBTI type, ENTP would be my guess as well. More Fe than Fi, uncomfortable expressing your feelings but charming, suggests tertiary Fe without much development imo.

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    INFJ I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unsung View Post
    I can see sp/so type 9, unsure of wing. As for your MBTI type, ENTP would be my guess as well. More Fe than Fi, uncomfortable expressing your feelings but charming, suggests tertiary Fe without much development imo.

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