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    Default Please give enneagram

    So I am not getting this right, every different time I do the test I get a different number. So since I made an effort and answered all this questions, what type would you have for me ?

    1. What are 5 key qualities about you, and what is each of their direct opposites?

    I can finish the job thats five qualities

    2. Now explain why each of the opposites COULD be you and why it might be GOOD to be that opposite characteristic. Own them even if they are negative traits.
    Example: “I am nice. The opposite of that would be cruel. I guess I can be cruel because I never tip waiters. Tipping waiters encourages them to stay at these jobs ‘….’”

    What opposites, when were they introduced, did I miss something ? I never tip waiters except they are my girlfriend and I want to flirt with her

    3. What would you say to a 5-year-old child if he or she asked you what the purpose of life is?

    5 year olds dont ask for the purpose of life, if they nevertheless would I'd say: the purpose of life is to go to kindergarten in the mornings.

    4. What type of advice would you give that same child on how to survive in this world?

    Dont get killed.

    5. If you were told you only had one year to live from today, and it was 100% guaranteed that you would die exactly 1 year from now, what would you do in that year?

    Note: Your health will be fine all the way up to the end.

    Break the masturbation world record

    6. Why aren't you doing this now?

    I was charged not too masturbate within 100 meters of the girl I am chasing atm.

    7. What do you really want in your truest self?

    Fish. I love fish but my gf hates it. I really have to tell her that I ffs love fish !

    8. What have you substituted/settled for compared to what you really want?

    I never settle for less

    9. What are your defense mechanisms?

    Aggression is the best defense

    10. What are some good habits that are needed for living a healthy adult life?

    Good habits are for morons, rather ask what are some bad habits. Adultry when overdone can even harm the most adult adult.

    11. What are you like in relaxed and non-threatening situations?

    Thats private only between me and apple pie.

    12. What does your heart feel like it needs and wants?

    My heart wants blood, gore and dead people. I hate my heart.

    13. What condition is your heart in right now?

    I covered it in 2 litres of whiskey, now its beating for its life !

    14. What does your head say it needs and wants?

    Thats a trick question, cause if my head would talk it would actually be me talking right ?

    15. What condition is your mind in right now?

    Pretty chill, could kill 3 or 4 zombies but pretty chill.

    16. What does your body say it needs and wants?

    Thats private I told you

    17. What is the condition of your body right now?

    Refer to question 16

    18. Which do you trust the most in making an important decision between your head, body, and heart? Why?

    I dunno they all have their non-moments

    19. Which do you trust the least in making an important decision between your head, body, and heart? Why?

    I dunno they all have their moments

    20. What is your predominant fault?

    I have no faults, I am perfect. Ok I have some little anger management issues, but judged from a mind perspective I am perfect.

    21. Think of a time when you felt at ease and connected to yourself and others. What did you think about yourself, others, and the entire world during this time?

    you're an ass, you knew exactly I never had such a time ! shi*****

    22. Think of a time when you felt anxious and disconnected from yourself and others. What did you think about yourself, others, and the entire world during this time?

    You mean what am I thinking right now ?

    23. What is an addiction or urge that seems to drive you as almost as if you’re not in control? Almost like an alien force that drives or pushes you down.

    I am always in total control of my addictions

    24. What things do you feel you cannot do because they might jeopardize your survival?

    hehehehehehehehehhehe hihihihihihihihi

    25. What do you need in your life to face your fears?

    First of all a life with fears

    26. What is your own personal mission statement?

    Never do a questionaire written by fluffy types

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    EII Ne


    you've never struck me as anything but 7w6.

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