Lets see what you guys think...

1. What are 5 key qualities about you, and what is each of their direct opposites?

Example: “I am nice. The opposite of that would be cruel.”

- I am intelligent. The opposite of that would be ignorant.
- I am caring. The opposite of that would be apathetic.
- I am sensitive. The opposite of that would be insensitive.
- I am imaginative. The opposite of that would be realistic.
- I am quiet. The opposite of that would be loud.

2. Now explain why each of the opposites COULD be you and why it might be GOOD to be that opposite characteristic. Own them even if they are negative traits.
Example: “I am nice. The opposite of that would be cruel. I guess I can be cruel because I never tip waiters. Tipping waiters encourages them to stay at these jobs ‘….’”

- Being ignorant might be a good thing when I end up knowing too much about the world around me, it can cause me distress. Sometimes the quest for absolute truth can send me in a tailspin. For instance, I really would prefer to be ignorant about the end of the world, or how humanity will become extinct in millions/billions of years.

- Sometimes if I care too much about others and the world around me, I could end up putting my own needs in danger.

- Being insensitive will help me to bear criticism and not take what people say about me personally.

- Trouble is, being imaginative makes me very much out of touch with reality. Knowing what dreams can be achievable in the real world is essential for me to truly achieve self-actualization.

- Being quiet and reserved is great in some situations, but in others, I really should speak up more for myself. Talking louder shows assertiveness.

3. What would you say to a 5-year-old child if he or she asked you what the purpose of life is?

Note: You’re talking to a young child so keep the answer short and brief.

"Life is all about making your dreams come true. Remember to never lower your expectations and to keep doing what you believe is truly right, even if you are standing alone."

4. What type of advice would you give that same child on how to survive in this world?

Note: You’re talking to a young child so keep the answer short and brief.

"Remember to keep believing in yourself, no matter how hard times may get."

5. If you were told you only had one year to live from today, and it was 100% guaranteed that you would die exactly 1 year from now, what would you do in that year?

Note: Your health will be fine all the way up to the end.

A lot...
1. set up an academic symposium where students can present research projects to the world... encouraging keeping the world educated, and wiping out ignorance that serves to divide us as a species.
2. Get married, and hopefully have a family before time is up!
3. Release my artwork, writing, and music for the world to listen to. Present my artwork and music in a concert.
4. Spend time with family.
5. Hopefully meet my childhood heroes.

6. Why aren't you doing this now?
Lack of resources for one thing. Spending time with family, and releasing the artwork/music is the most feasible one. It's a bit early for me to settle down and have a family yet, but it is something I am looking for in the future.

7. What do you really want in your truest self?
To be the best person I can be, I suppose. To treat others with kindness and respect, to be accepted by others... to be loved. But at the same time, I desire to grow as an individual... to gain more knowledge and insight of the world around me, and to be an individual in society, rather than go against my true-self. To be myself... to be enlightened, inspired, to have my imagination thrown in raptures from art and knowledge. To create, to dream, to explore, to know.

8. What have you substituted/settled for compared to what you really want?
To be honest, I do feel a little isolated in this day and age. At the risk of sounding like a sensitive cynic, I find that society is growing into a more uncaring atmosphere, too much divisions between people with opposing ideologies... and I just wish that people would get along better with each other and realize that if we harm another human being, we will lead ourselves into self-destruction. I often feel like I see beauty in things that others don't, and it is frustrating when the things I care for and enjoy are regarded as boring or unfashionable. I often feel like I am uncool, and kind of awkward and strange. I tend to hide a lot of myself as a result.

9. What are your defense mechanisms?
Sometimes people don’t realize what their true defense mechanisms are because they are working at 100% efficiency. You may have to really think about this one.
Another way to look at the question:
When you start to feel uncomfortable or anxious about a situation, what do you generally start to do?

- Become very withdrawn from everyone else, become very irritable and have a horrible temper. I tend to explode. Become a bit physically reckless, avoid things, procrastinate, hide things/become secretive. Become highly skeptical about others and their intentions.

10. What are some good habits that are needed for living a healthy adult life?
Exercise, balanced diet, regular doctor visits, reading and doing mental problems (keeps the brain cells active!), sleep, spending time with loved ones, having meals together as a family, romancing with your spouse.

11. What are you like in relaxed and non-threatening situations?
More open and vulnerable about how I feel about something, more like myself... less reserved and restricted. I soften up and show more emotion.

12. What does your heart feel like it needs and wants?
Love, in the deepest form... emotionally, intellectually, physically, spiritually.

13. What condition is your heart in right now?
In two worlds... in one frame it is feeling like it is flying above the clouds with love. In another frame, it feels like it is just beating... just there... existing.

14. What does your head say it needs and wants?
More knowledge... and I need to get a permanent job. I just want to know more, I crave the power of knowledge. I want to be powerful, and have magical/mystical powers.

15. What condition is your mind in right now?
Calm, but with a little sparkle going on in there. Place a book in front of it, and the glow will light up.

16. What does your body say it needs and wants?
Homeostasis, food, water, minerals, oxygen, hormones.... and physical manifestation of love.

17. What is the condition of your body right now?
A little chilly... I could use a hoodie.

18. Which do you trust the most in making an important decision between your head, body, and heart? Why?
I listen to what my intuition tells me... if it feels right deep within me, then it is. Then add what I intuit to what both my mind and heart feels is the best.

19. Which do you trust the least in making an important decision between your head, body, and heart? Why?
Because of my emotional vulnerability, I tend to trust my heart the least.

20. What is your predominant fault?
There's more than one. I am clumsy and lack good kinesthetic abilities. I can be stubborn, irritable, desiring to always be right, whiny, controlling, sensitive, and sometimes I may seem aloof and insecure.

21. Think of a time when you felt at ease and connected to yourself and others. What did you think about yourself, others, and the entire world during this time?

An amazing soul connection... like my heart, mind, and soul was exploding like a supernova... a feeling of release, ease, inspiration... that I am being truly authentic.

22. Think of a time when you felt anxious and disconnected from yourself and others. What did you think about yourself, others, and the entire world during this time?

That the world was out to get me and that people weren't being truthful/honest with me... that absolute truth was impossible to achieve. Felt very cold inside, cynical, a shell of myself... like I was a wandering ghost. A sense of blackness and darkness inside.

23. What is an addiction or urge that seems to drive you as almost as if you’re not in control? Almost like an alien force that drives or pushes you down.

I desire to turn my dreams into reality, and sometimes I feel like I am addicted to dreaming and imagining and wistfully hoping.

24. What things do you feel you cannot do because they might jeopardize your survival?

Example: “I can not express my feelings, because I feel like I need to be cool, calm, and collected to survive.”
“I have to be right. I can not afford to be wrong.”

- Sometimes I fear emotional expression because my feelings can get hurt easily. Trust is something that is earned for me, so it can be difficult for me to completely open up to someone... I need to know that they aren't going to just do something to hurt me.

25. What do you need in your life to face your fears?
Truth, honesty, integrity, strength.

26. What is your own personal mission statement?

“The kind of person I would like to be ____.”
“The kind of activities I would like to be in ______.”
“My personal mission is to ______.”

The kind of person I would like to be is one that can change the world one individual at a time... to be able to make people feel inspired that they can achieve their goals, and to become more compassionate and caring individuals. It is my mission to be an individual and lead by example... to show kindness, modesty, be passionately curious, to value family and to never lose sight of imagination. It is my mission in life to be an example of love, gentility, open-mindedness,... and to pursue knowledge... to grow into a better individual by overcoming life's challenges. With this example, hopefully the world will be a more peaceful place free of ignorance and intolerance.