So far, I'd say you look like an INTP, but you should be aware that the MBTI test is only accurate for adult people, at least in their mid-twenties.

The way you can behave as a teen might be very different once you begin to really grow-up... Of course, some types mature later (if they ever do): This is why INTPs often behave like childs or teens during a very, very long time. Their emotional side will probably always remain very primitive, and mature people often find them deceitfully childish (even if they have great other qualities).
And this could also explain why you identify with them, so far, since you are very young.


To speak from my own experience, when I was a teen I was very awkward with my own emotions, and a lot more machiavellian. I lied and cheated all the time, and didn't care about consequences. I was very arrogant too. And then, suddenly, I drastically changed.
According to the MBTI theory, you develop your tertiary function only as a young adult, and mine was Fe. This tertiary became stronger and stronger with every new year.
And thus, now, I feel more at ease with my emotional side, I'm still a bit manipulative, but over-all, I don't lie anymore, or only in a gentle way, to embellish reality so I could raise the mood of a depressed friend. As a matter of fact, I've begun to distrust intentional lies to the extreme.

As a teen, I would probably have been a nightmare for any NF around me, but now, NF types are those I relate the most, those I respect the most. The teen is still there, well hidden inside me and ready to jump out whenever I feel stressed, but over-all I can control him quite easily.

So you see, you don't need to push things too fast. Being aware of our own true type might require lot of time, lot of introspection.