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    Quote Originally Posted by INTP View Post
    but INTPs would do it differently from ENTPs. addressing the issue(comparing past to present), clear up misunderstandings(replacing the subjective bad perception with an realistic one) etc sound more like Si, even tho there is an Fe motivation. funny thing i have noticed with this is that all of this makes sense from Ti point of view, right? but apparently from Ne dom point of view its better just to drop this sort of things(noticed this with ENFP and ENTP), and not clear up the misunderstanding more than very briefly if absolutely necessary and better not to take it in discussion(addressing the issue) more than saying that you are sorry, then live in imaginary land where everything is fine and nothing ever happened. i think because its hard for them to deal with their inferior Si and INTP is doing this with Si.
    Hmm good point, I think i've come to a conclusion, the tertiary-opposite thing really set things straight, though I've become increasingly interest in the individuation thing occurring within myself in regards to Fe, I wonder if Jung made any remarks about that specifically.

    and thanks everyone for the help, It's been very much appreciated!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LunaLuminosity View Post
    I wonder if your "need to connect with people" is more related to your sx variant or something else rather than anything to do with extraversion. How would you describe your need to connect? Also, in what sense is your Fe well-developed?

    From the video, you do appear to be NTP.

    I thought the same thing (about this profile having some Se in there) when I read this. But the ExxP is also an explorer/adventurer so there's going to be some of that drive towards risks and experiences.

    I also wonder about how what things you relate to about being an enneatype 5. Are there any things that you don't relate to in this description?
    Edit- Luna, I thought I'd re-examine this, especially the last portion regarding type 5, and go through the profile (as it isnt' that long), the parts in bold are what I don't relate to, and I shall add commentary on it. It may give more insights into the E v. I thing, Thoughts would be appreciated.

    "You want to be intelligent, informed, knowledgeable and perceptive. More importantly, you want to be self-sufficient and not have the entanglements of obligation. You see yourself as intellectual, dispassionate and investigative. You would like others to see you as rational, logical and scholarly. Your idealized image is that you are thoughtful and wise."

    -- I'm fine with obligations, as long as they are reasonable and i have freedom to do my own thing, and not be 'bogged down' or have some authority over me, I would see it as something that limits my freedom, mostly my freedom to explore and learn from other people and leanr new things. I'd rather not be a work-slave. I am also quite passionate when It comes to social issues in the world, I'm not THAT detached from the world, in that I would simply only want to be seen as intelligent. That drive to be seen as 'the intelligent one' use to be there in myself, but not anymore, it's really been diminished, I can also be pretty argumentative and confrontational when I think i'm dealing with stupid people, so ehhh dispassionate isn't me.

    "Private and solitary by nature, you like to be invisible until you are ready to reveal yourself. You tend to stay on the sidelines preferring to meet the world with your mind. You prefer to play the role of detached observer or investigator. In general, you see the world as intrusive, overwhelming and chaotic–often demanding too much and giving too little in return. As a result, to manage the fear of not knowing, you conserve your energy and focus your attention on acquiring the information necessary to make sense out of the chaos."

    -- I am not private at all, In fact i'm very open about my life, I don't see the point in hiding anything, I dont' think i'm solitary either, there is always a want to meet people, but that really doesn't happen. I don't want to be invisible, that sucks!, who wants to be invisible? it's like being dead. I'd like to be noticed sure, but I always wouldn't want to constantly be the centre of attention. I don't see the world as intrusive, the world is there for me to know about and for me to engage in, though there would be reluctant as I would doubt I ability or social cunning as say an ENFJ or an ESTP might, I'm not really good with Extraverted Sensation... at all :/ as for focusing my attention, actually my attention is quite un-focused, which I think would be very odd for an INTP and a five, take for example, which I really hate to admit, but I still nonetheless engage in such behavior, I really have trouble finishing books, I have piles of books that I start reading and never finish, as I'm ALWAYS jumping from one book to another, one idea to another, and really the energy is quite sporadic.

    "Studious and scholarly, you develop expertise in any area that is of interest to you, often in more than one field. You believe that knowledge is power and feel it is imperative that you be as a means of survival. Often scientific, you have unparalleled powers of mental perception due in part to your ability to remain detached and unaffected by your emotions.You have an inquisitive and observant nature with an insatiable appetite for information. You think things through before offering your perceptive insights regarding systems, people or how the world works."

    -- As for developing an expertise, I notice I only do this when unhealthy, for example, I was fairly unhealthy, and quite bitter in high school, but I developed a very esoteric interest in world religions, to the point of reading old texts translated from greek or hebrew or coptic, It was all very fascinating, but as i've gotten healthier (mostly through have a 2 year long session with a therapist), I've really lost that need to be an expert in things, I am much more an explorer of ideas and would rather learn about that those ideas in a non competitive fashion, so it's just me and the world, of course I do realise that there is a need to go inward, which I try to do, I really don't think one's life can be really complete without that, though having a few people to push you along with way is beneficial as well.

    "Avoiding the glaring light of scrutiny, you seek the safety of camouflage. When you feel that you lack intellect, you become withdrawn, isolated and reclusive. You see yourself as intense, unexpected, original and different from others. You are private and introspective, although others may think of you as anti-social, secretive, remote, and eccentric. You are not afraid to point out the ‘emperor who has no clothes’ and your wonderful sense of humor is based on postulating the absurd. Rather than the wave crashing on the shore, you have the strength of the undertow and know exactly when to give or withhold your involvement and information to have the greatest impact."

    -- I would agree with most of the above, expect being private, I'm not really private or remote or secretive, I think people should be open about their lives, what could they possibly have to hide, and at that, why would I feel the need to condemn them for it, I find I tend to accept people as they are, even if that person was a confessed serial killer, I guess I would see past that and try to figure out why they engaged in such behavior and the best way to improve that (whether it be some form of rehabilitation) or something similar. I'm definitely not afraid to say when the emperor has no clothes, I think more people shouldn't be afraid of it, it's a truth that people will have to accept. I also love absurdity, and my humor is very dark and morbid. As for that last section, I don't really know when to with-hold information, if someone wants to engage in a topic, Its nice to just discuss it and bring other things into the conversation and see where it leads from there, My issue lies in finding people who actually want to engage in any sort of discussion about the world in which they live, seems like most just want gratification of the body, and while I can understand that, there's nothing wrong with having a few drinks with friends and a good conversation, it's relaxing, and comforting, I just think so people favor an anti-intellectualism (or maybe it's just a reactionary stance from me towards the youth?) lol I really don't know.

    That's about it, there is more to that profile but i'll keep it at that, as the rest of the profile reiterates the same thing, and I'd venture into redundancy. again sorry for any tangents here I do that quite often... waaaaay too often

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