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    Quote Originally Posted by Inconnue View Post
    It would just be interesting. What I've thought about my functions don't make sense with one of the types yet, but I'm still learning. I think I use Fi more than Fe but Ti more than Te as well and it technically, doesn't work.
    I also use Si more than Se and Ne more than Ni (I guess).

    I could be wrong about Fe/Fi because I lack social skills, therefore I may fail to use this function properly in reality while theorically using it... I don't know if it makes sense but I think that the way I act may not reflect truly the way I use my functions when I think.

    Now I have to think about it a little more...
    INTP is my guess. You probably won't detect Fe in yourself because it is your inferior function. (INTP functions go Ti Ne Si Fe.)

    Also, in one of your other posts I got a lot of inferior Fe or Se... so I would support the INTx comment. To me, you vibe more as an INTJ, but the functions speak for themselves, so INTP.
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    hi inconnue

    you sound like an INTP to me. my dad and brother are both INTPs and you seem to share a lot of traits with them. also, your post really looks INTP, just the way that it's written. INTJs tend to write in short, terse bursts. your post is longer, as you yourself pointed out, and more uncertain. the INTPs that i know do not tend to be highly spontaneous or impulsive either - they are, after all, introverts and Judging-dominants, so that makes sense. you also sound 5w4 or 5w6.

    i'll break a few things down that i see:

    not an impulsive or spontaneous person
    great self-control
    “live in a bubble”
    "too asocial”

    Ti dominant
    great self-control
    use logic in order to say what people expect me to say or I use humour to make them feel better.
    do find lots of people rather stupid when they do not meet my expectations [...] are too emotive and impulsive, are always changing their minds and turning life into drama, those who seem to be only responding to their body functions or those who follow blindly cultural customs.
    I can’t guess what’s in people’s head
    pretty good at working on my own and make my own decisions
    idealistic ideas about the world
    “think too much”
    “ask myself too many questions and can’t act”
    annoyingly intellectual and don’t respond emotionally
    arrogant, somewhat rude and take things too literally (CLASSIC NTP)

    not an impulsive or spontaneous person
    great self-control

    bedroom is a mess, I tend to be hoarder
    always losing something
    compulsive daydreamer, easily distracted, I procrastinate
    I have poor spatial and temporal awarenes
    I prefer essays (i've noticed Ne, P, and Ji can influence this)

    compulsive daydreamer, easily distracted
    metaphors (unusual ones sometimes, I do write poetry after all)
    narcissistic, arrogant or egotist (NT...)
    I recreate the world in my mind
    make random theories and enjoy making up jokes or absurd logic
    don't go past the theories, I can't use my knowledge apparently
    efuse to wonder about life, take everything for granted
    only responding to their body functions or those who follow blindly cultural customs
    love debating, even with myself

    yeah, i'm totally sold on you being INTP.

    enneagram 5
    not an impulsive or spontaneous person
    lost in obsessions quite often
    extreme in my attitude when something catches my interest
    I don’t deal well with feelings
    great self-control
    pretty good at working on my own and make my own decisions
    both an idealist and a realist (me too!)

    Quote Originally Posted by Inconnue
    I am sure I am an unhealthy kind of any type, being insecure, extremely nerdy, shy, inattentive and socially immature.
    nah, you're sounding relatively on par for an INTP to me. we all have our issues, those are pretty typical INTP ones.

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    Well, honestly, I've always considered myself to be more of an INTP (not function wise but when I read the general descriptions) even though the tests said otherwise (I think I score J sometimes because I am a planner but that's a consequence of anxiety), never agreed with people calling me an INTJ (mostly because of various tests or a stereotype of an arrogant and bossy character, I become that thing when people around me are incompetent but to be fair, most people do that under certain circumstances).

    The functions confuse me a little but I can find explanations for the J/P confusion, because I ended up thinking that I was probably a Judger considering that they are planner, don't really like change and are not spontaneous. But, even though I can find similarities with INTJ, I feel definitely like a stereotype when I read about INTPs (am I so predictable ?).

    And as for the S/N part... Well, my brother considers himself to be an ISTP (probable) and we are different yet similar sometimes but it would probably be unusual for a sensor to have Se as their weakest function. (Functions, somehow, makes more sense than E/I S/N F/T or P/J).

    I somehow thought someone would say : you're an extrovert because you made a very long post (I'm rather talkative on the Internet or when I have something to say, it must be confusing). I've been typed as ISTJ before as well, but that's because I was an administrator.
    Well, I also scored "melancholy" and ISTJ sometimes which would indicate that I am one, it would be great, they are organised, capable, logical, technically able to decorate a house without making it extremely ugly, hard worker and respectful of the laws. I know many people don't like them but it doesn't seem to be a dumb and boring type to me.
    Well, anyway, I think there are good traits in any types (even though I may not like some of them), we couldn't build a society full or intuitive, I can just imagine the disaster.

    both an idealist and a realist (me too!)
    Well, I don't see why most people keep considering them as oppostie when there are so many people who are both. ^^

    Happy Star Wars Day !
    Feel no shame for what you are...

    5w4 or 5w6 sp/so

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