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Thread: Types?

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    Default Types?

    I am thinking ESTJ, ENTJ or ESTP in that order.

    - extremely egocentric
    - extremely conscious of prestige, social order, attractiveness, money
    - can be extremely snobby sometimes
    - takes a while to mention anything emotional/vulnerable
    - can be very caring/soft/generous toward friends and animals
    - believes in results, not process
    - lots of energy
    - extremely extroverted, talks to everyone for half an hour, never gets tired of it
    - makes people feel very comfortable
    - not likable by most peers
    - likes to brag
    - lots of confidence, does seem exaggerated
    - great and quick problem-solving skills
    - extremely judgmental of people regarding choice of fashion, physical appearances, mental ability
    - enjoys being politically incorrect
    - great logic
    - studying fashion and has adopted it into a lifestyle

    Possible options: ENTJ, ESTJ or ENFJ...

    - seems tough on the outside, but she is extremely compassionate and kind-hearted, cries more than I do
    - gives off a dominant/more masculine than feminine vibe
    - very sociable
    - extremely funny, loves to mock and mimic people and does an outstanding job
    - strikes me as a J because of her planning and mental organization
    - studying to be a lawyer and wants to work for the less fortunate
    - does care a little bit about social status, money
    - very easy to get to know and get close to
    - opens up emotionally fairly quick
    - seems to have extroverted thinking as a primary function
    - does not like religious institutions
    - loves vulgar jokes, is very liberal and open-minded
    - very good at articulating her thoughts
    - very good in being assertive and taking the leadership role
    - does not enjoy being soft and gooey but she does express it well
    - very sincere and charming

    - gets along with a variety of different types very well
    - very accepting and open-minded about people
    - can also be extremely critical and judgmental
    - is nurturing and likes to be nurtured
    - loves exploring ideas from one to the other, but with a human element to everything
    - needs a lot of social and external validation
    - easily stressed and anxious
    - not good with day-to-day tasks or rigid schedules
    - not good with money
    - is very compassionate and can imagine being in someone else's shoes very well
    - an absolute and rigid sense of justice and principles
    - very aware of people, their interactions with each other, their unexpressed emotions and thoughts
    - enjoys helping out close friends by helping them see possibilities in the future and loves giving advice
    - has a new cycle of passions/interests/obsessions every few months/years
    - loves constant, low-key interaction
    - low energy when alone for too long, low energy when overly-stimulated or stressed
    - hides from external stimuli and interaction when stressed/anxious/depressed
    - gets bursts of energy from positive, inspiring interaction
    - is inspired by a range of people and mediums
    - hates anything conservative, is extremely liberal
    - can be quite bossy and opinionated
    - learns best when Whys are answered
    - aware of social order and prestige of achievement but does not care about money
    - rebellious and opinionated when needing to defend/protect self and others

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    #1: ESTJ enneagram 3w4

    #2: ENTJ enneagram 2w3

    #3: ENFP enneagram 2w1

    That should be right

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    Out of those choices, I'd say ENTJ. ESTPs and ESTJs are both more process oriented. One's tactical, the other's extremely thorough. Te-Ni-Se pushes differently. The prestige and image orientedness could be Se, but ENTJs go about it ESFP-ish ways more than ESTPs. Loosely speaking, ESTPs care more about projecting competence or strength... possibly with a wifebeater or shaved head. :rolli: Seriously though, I know it's not type related, but there's just more of an urban or down to earth image to them more, rather than prestigiousness.

    Ever watch Buffy? The character Faith is presented like an ESTP. I think the actress is actually more of an ENTJ. If you know her, it's funny to see the difference.


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    #3 definitely seems like an ENFP. Not sure about the enneagram type. Leaning towards 6 or 2.
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
    Neutral Good

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