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    I have no idea what type you are. But congrats on having the most irritating av I've seen yet. Based on that, I would say XXFP. INFP? Despite that one test pointing to EXTP.

    Also, this Discordia Inc. - Just who the HELL do you THINK you are? is a good test I stumbled across recently. Perhaps it will help you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustDave View Post
    I'd like to add that introverts are not necessarily shy or quiet, they simply get their energy from within. It took me quite a while to determine that I have a preference for introversion because although I am effusive and I talk constantly (some would say incessantly) I feel energized when alone and do need solitude to "recharge the batteries".
    Scratch that last comment. I'm back on the fence again. Everytime I watch the Big Bang Theory or How I met your Mother I am reminded of how similar my personality is to Penny's and Barney's, an ESFP and ESTP, respectively. Hmm ... I wonder if although improbable, if it's possible to be an intellectually inclined ESFP???

    My sugesstion is to read the profile I mentioned a few postings ago and as Nemo alluded to, consider which functions you are most comfortable using.

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