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    Haha, finally everyone came to the same conclusion as me. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Numbers View Post
    Yeah, I'm a guy. Sorry, should have mentioned that.

    I don't really care about putting what I learn to use and I mostly learn things because i'm curious about them. If I find a practical use afterward, cool, but I don't set out with that in mind.

    I tried looking over various different ISFP descriptions again and while I can relate somewhat, i'm no where near spontaneous or implusive like SP's are said to be. I plan every thing i'm going to do that day in my head at least tentatively. There isn't much I don't do deliberately

    About the interaction styles - Yeah, I actually meant to copy/paste forseer developer, oops

    I'm pretty sure i'm NF now. I think I developed my logic functions well because i'm a guy and society tends to push us that way. I think i'm going to settle on INFJ too, especially since I have a better understanding of what Fe is. That was one of the big pieces that I didn't think fit. INFP is still a possibility though.

    Thanks again for all of your help. You guys are awesome.
    glad we could help

    Quote Originally Posted by Splittet View Post
    Haha, finally everyone came to the same conclusion as me. :P
    that's how i feel!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Numbers View Post

    I've been interested this theory for about 5 years and still haven't figured out my type. I've figured out all of my friends, family, and even my cats types but not my own

    There are only two things i'm fairly certain of. That i'm introverted and intuitive.

    Thanks for the help.
    You sound just like me.
    And that was even before I got to the part where most people say you're an INTJ.

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    You sound like an NF to me.

    People that know me well all think i'm a thinker. I'm pretty analytical and don't show my emotional side very often, but that's because i'm embarrased about it. I'm incredibly sensitive about what other people think about me, but most aren't able to pick that up. I have a good poker face
    I can relate to that as an ENFP- still very enthusiastic about life in general but not one to show emotions or open up. I have a fairly crappy poker face though.. most people can pick up on whether I am happy about something or not. I don't bother to hide my happiness since there is no point. I don't know if this is a difference between I or E though.. many Extraverted Thinkers don't prefer to hold a poker face (even those ESTPs who are whizzes at the game).

    Important question: Do you find yourself focused on how other people are feeling and desire to help them?

    If you answer yes to this question, you are an F and not a T.

    If you say that you aren't spontaneous or impulsive.. that says you are probably not an SP and most likely a J.

    I'm going for INFJ- all the INFJs I know are actually 'easy criers' but aren't histrionic about it or anything like that and are capable of self-control.

    I think Ni is your strongest function by far and you might have mistaken your natural Fe for Te.
    I know I actually did the same thing myself with Ti & Fi..

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