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    Default Type this person :D

    - She doesn't really care about what she wears.
    - She's not very hygenic
    - She gets annoyed at stupid and loud people -- basically.
    - She's wise beyond her age [ in high school ]
    - She doesn't seem interested in romantic relationships.
    - She's very funny and likes to tell stories about her family.
    - She could read 'between the lines'
    - She's very proud.
    - She thinks highly of promises.
    - She likes money.
    - She has things such as -- an electric guitar, a pellet gun and an acoustic guitar.
    - She's very friendly and is able to make friends quite easily with those who interest her.
    - She's the 'confidant' to many of her friends.
    - She appears strong emotionally..
    - She boasts about her abilities.
    - She requires confirmations [ to friendship and etc. ] -- "We're friends, aren't we?"
    - She's not very touchy -- doesn't initiate hugs and etc.
    - Eventhough she likes to be around others, she also enjoys spending time by herself playing her guitar, watching movies and etc.
    - She's interested in film.
    - Eventhough she seems smart, she doesn't try hard in school -- just tries for a passing grade.
    - She's very theoretical.
    - She's very reflective, calm and etc.
    - She withdraws and becomes very defensive when she's in a bad mood.
    - She claims she is 'messy in a clean way.'

    From the top of my head ^^.
    Feel free to ask questions if you need any clarifications..

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    I'm thinking INTP, possibly ISTP.

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    Sounds like an IJ.

    Guesses: INTJ, ISTJ, INFP

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