My favorite live action drama series, Hidarime Tantei Eye, has an interesting protagonist named Ainosuke. Basically, he is a bright and warm young, talented artist with a strong sense of justice. His brother donates his left eye to Ainosuke so he may see better and fulfill his dreams of being an artist. This eye also gives him the power to see "visions". Images that he must use to prevent murders or destruction or other crimes. (He feels a weird sensation in his left eye and must have some impact on it for the visions to come to light). "Deducing that these images were connected to his brother’s death, Ainosuke began to search for the truth surrounding the death of his beloved brother and only immediate family."

I recommend it to people who like detective stories, especially those with more emotion. (plus the lead actor is my favorite -- in the icon~ I also believe him to be INFP which is everyone's favorite, right XD)


I had him pegged as INFP at first, then ISFP...S vs N is hard to figure out with this one. But some others may be off as well. I'm still not that great at typing...

I vs E
His only family has all died. Though, he doesn't actually seem to mind being alone in his own little world (I). He generally likes people, though they never talk about his friends or anything. And since he is left to live alone, he only really talks to the landlord to say good morning or be bothered about the news (the next crime).

S traits
Is an artist (draws very detailedly)
Big on details
"I remember events as snapshots of what actually happened." -- literally, his special ability is to remember random small details of things -- though they could be argued to be symbols...
I would say since S people DO things, he's got to be an S or he'd be the sidekick giving him all the hints instead of rushing into action to save people.
There is an instance where ONE detail solves the WHOLE thing for him (won't spoil).

on the N side:
likes to think abstractly (whenever he gets such details from his visions, he never knows what do with them and is often frustrated).
He needs help to piece together images of places, then connect those to something else, yadda thing at a time.
There's one scene where he envisions shapes and he figures to put the shapes together, only that still doesn't resonate with him.

I also seem to recall that detectives are rarely N (or was it F?).
Granted he isn't the most brilliant detective so that wouldn't be a huge factor. Plus he's undoubtedly F with the way he physically gets sick or pained when others' misfortune comes to light (or he even THINKS about it happening, sometimes). I literally went to try and find some outstanding T traits that weren't situational and it was difficult. He has to have some logical skill but I could figure some of these out and I'm not T. I think the fact that when he is closer to an answer, he finds that answer from people a very SF thing. Could be wrong, though.

J vs P
P all the way. He never plans anything. He finds a clue and darts out of the house. The fact that the criminals almost always get away with it and are steps ahead of him shows that their J is the perfect counter to his P.

This kind of helps secure the ISFJ for me:
"ISFJs are driven by the conventional, by 'should's and 'ought's; ISFPs internalize their Feeling (by nature a judging function) which bursts out spontaneously and leaves as quickly and mysteriously as it came.

Because of these variant expressions of Feeling judgement, ISFPs are sometimes confused with ESFJs, but keep themselves more aloof, more often concealing the feelings that ESFJs are so apt to expose."

Any thoughts? Counters? Support?