ENFP for sure. you seem to be a genuinely warm person who likes people and loves conversation. however, most sensors cannot keep up with your ass because you have crazy amounts of Ne making connections all over the place. hence, you choose your friends wisely because you can communicate to your full potential with only a small number of people (many INTJs would probably fit the bill). your introverted traits include: being emotionally and intellectually deep, needing time alone, a deep connection with a small number of friends, and time to reflect on your values and life decisions. these are all traits shared among all the idealist.
PS: I think Keirsey has a point. at least for NFs, E/I really means quite little. there are a number of introverted characteristics that all NFs share as well as a number of extraverted characteristics that many of them share. being an NF automatically makes you like at least moderately both. most well rounded NFs score low on this dynamic, especially as they get older. I'm ENFP but I always score INFP because the introverted answers on the test where easier to relate to because they were less shallow.