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    Default Another Infamous thread on whats my type? :)

    I have taken a few quizzes online and well I have gotten mixed results on two test I got INFJ and on another it was IN-something (sorry forgot)
    I was wondering if I could ask you guys for help....

    Okay so this is how I am:

    1)If a new person walks into the room, I at once try to be friendly and strike a conversation.
    2)I am very picky with who I should count as my 'real' friend and I forget about people a little quickly, the only people I don't forget about is those I have had a very meaningful conversation with or helped.
    3) I feel very happy when I am helping someone.
    4) I love to read, write and sometimes sing, but I only disclose one attribute with certain people.
    5) There is no one who knows everything about me, and there are some things I easily reveal to strangers which I guard from my friends. (This really annoys me but there is something inside which rings warning bells whenever I resolve to tell my friends)
    6) I can sense peoples moods quite easily by listening to their voice, or observing their facial expressions.
    7) I have many goals and I strive towards them, I do achieve them in the end but sometimes I get side-tracked (its usually because of a good book or cartoon)
    8) With strangers I am the most patient and amiable person around, with my family I am short-tempered and rude. (well not that rude but I do have to bite my tongue a lot)
    9) I love spending a day with one close friend more than going to a party, but when I do go to a party I am making sure no one is left out.
    10) I usually escape to my own world when faced with things such as scoldings but when everybody in my house is angry/sad/disappointed I can't eat or think of anything else.
    11) If I am angry at my friend I don't show it, but try to deal with them as I would with a stranger, (be friendly and stuff) while I am crying inside.
    12) I don't like the spotlight ever, but always manage to catch the eyes of people unintentionally. (its usually about studies, or how good I am and such.)
    13) When being praised I don't know what to do (I do respond with a smile and thank you but following that is a sentence or two about how really not good I am)
    But I don't mind praising others and sometimes its in excess.

    Okay that's about it.........I really do wonder if I have a type, I seem like a hypocrite so good to people outside, but can't tolerate my own family sometimes.......
    thank you for reading!

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    Oh yes and I forgot to mention, that I can sense people's moods by looking in their eyes.....if that is any help....

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