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    Default Farmer Ted from 16 Candles. ENFP or ENTJ?

    one of my favorite movie characters of all time, but I can't tell if he's ENFP or ENTJ. either way, I'm fairly convinced he's an 8w7 or 7w8 and sp/so

    - silly and playful, even though he probably doesn't think he is
    - ENFPs can seem like ENTJs (I know I do)
    - 8s can seem like ENTJs
    - he gave off a subtle Fi vibe that I don't usually get from ENTJs

    - commanding with his friends
    - constantly has an agenda he's trying to get met
    - unusually dominant. it's not exactly obvious because of his appearence and silly charm, but if you look at his body language and the way he responds to questions, he never feels forced to react or submits to anyone
    - similarly, it's obvious he watches lots of mob movies and james bond (he even makes martinis shaken not stirred lol) and he listens to frank sinatra (all these are ENTJ as hell)
    - extremely choleric (although this can also be seen in ENFPs, but usually not until they're older)

    ENFP and ENTJ
    - his perception of reality is way off
    - extremely confident and unapologetic
    - no one can really change him
    - entrepreneural and opportunistic (case in point, collecting over $100 for kids just for holding up a pair of panties)
    - doesn't fit in with anyone because he's too much for everyone

    PS: if you haven't seen the movie, it's amazing

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    My gut says ENFP, considering that some of the ENTJ triats can easily apply to the ENFP. Never seen the movie though, so I can't say with certainty, although I'll definitely check it out.

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