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    Default Would you be able to...

    ...discuss one's type if a request to do so did not stem from self-doubt regarding the subject's self-assessment but instead, something along the lines of idle curiousity?

    When a person asks you to shed light on his/her type, how affected are you by that person's self-doubt as you reply?

    I'm interested in your responses... though I'll have to respond tomorrow, as I'm going to bed.
    Not really.

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    I wish someone IRL would ask me something about type. No one I know really cares about the MBTI, except ChazzMichaels, which is why he is (sometimes) on this forum.

    If someone was having doubts about his/her type, I would simply give the benefit of all the knowledge that I have to see if I could help unravel the mystery. I don't care what his/her motivation for wanting to know is, I would try to help out of personal interest in type.

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