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Ok, I'm resurrecting this thread because my friend took one of the tests (not sure which one) and apparently she got INTJ. What the heck? I was like, uh oh...I really don't know her.

However, she did say to me that for some of the questions, she picked qualities/answers that she admires, not necessarily ones that she finds in herself so much (and with some questions on some tests, it's easy to honestly answer them in that way.) I think her dad may be INTJ, or at least INTx. I wondered if she wanted to be more "rational" than she actually is.

I still kind of think she could be IxTP. I have serious doubts as to her being an N. She tends to tease me for over-analyzing, etc. (I don't mind...she's right in so many cases!). It just doesn't seem very INTJ.

I'm still leaning toward ISFP or ISTP. I have my doubts about INTJ despite her test results. I guess INTP is possible but I really doubt N as well. And ISFJ or ISTJ doesn't seem likely at all.
maybe she is tho...maybe she's te instead of ti....i read ti as over analyzing but then turn around and do the same thing about different stuff with fi haha