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    Default ENxP

    I figured out I'm an ENP, but am uncertain as to what my T/F preference is.

    Starting with the auxiliary functions for both ENFP and ENTP, how do Fi and Ti manifest in support of extraverted intuition?

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    You'll either try to treat all information equally, or put preference towards one more than the other, most people associate a feeling of good or bad, but really just an emotion that either uplifts one idea and downgrades another. Thus why nf's are more ideal and called idealists.

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    well off the bat i'm going with ENTP because of your username

    and the way you've phrased your question.

    anyway, yes, it's slightly more nuanced than just emotion, but an ENFP will weigh things for importance/significance/value.

    the second function is sometimes called the "Supportive Parent", and for both ENxPs it will (theoretically) keep Ne in check. so an ENTP will stay oriented to the things that matter logically, while the ENFP will stay oriented to the things that matter value-wise, even though Ne tends to want to take us in every direction.

    basically the way i see this manifesting is that ENTPs tend to apply their Ne to technical problems - innovation and invention, often areas like hard sciences. they look at how things fit together, and often the Ti comes across in razor-sharp wit, lol. ENTPs are usually really witty and have an "edge" to their humor. ENFPs tend to apply their Ne to people problems - we're good at motivating other people, and we tend to look at big-picture ideals. we're "softer" in some ways - more openly bubbly/friendly, but ENTPs can definitely have Fe charm.

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    I am tempted to agree with skylights because of your username, but it's also common for ENFPs to think they are Ts. perhaps I can help by defining what Introverted Feeling (Fi) really is

    1) Fi is irrational
    2) FPs tend to be very emotional
    3) FPs are selfless like FJs
    3) Fs are less intelligent than Ts
    4) FPs are illogical

    what Fi really is
    1) making decisions subjectively rather than spending lots of time looking for hard evidence, but they are usually still logical and rational, just not generally highly precise or empirically proven
    2) creativity and fantasy prone (but this can apply to several types, especialy Ns)
    3) high intrapersonal intelligence (knowing your own feelings as opposed to inTERpersonal intelligence which is knowing the feelings of others)
    4) strong moral values
    5) FPs tend to have a natural tendency towards being good with children and animals (NFJs tend to be pretty good with children too though)
    6) confident FPs will have tremendous amounts of personal integrity (it can be quite shocking in some instances because IFPs tend to be very underconfident as children, but often times when they get older they seem like different people because they have become extreme strong)

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    We just need to figure out if you have Ti or Te, Fi or Fe.

    Would you say that your sense of ethics comes from within (although you care deeply for others, everyone else and their ideas of proper behavior be damned, like seriously) and your logic comes from outside (because where the hell else would logic come from? logic from within seems kind of crazy and scary...) = ENFP

    Or would you say your sense of ethics comes from others (taking social cues to know how to behave in social situations, strong sense of morality being about "other people" than what you believe) and that your logic comes from within (you like to pick things apart - nitpick - and find out exactly the way things work, or just the right word to use, and can go on philosophically - rational philosophy - for huge walls of text) = ENTP

    Both types seem to get amusement by mildly annoying others, though, and both can be pretty flirtatious and spontaneous, I'll just get that out of the way right now.

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    You can't decide between ENTP and ENFP but you have typed yourself INFP?

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    well i'm gonna say enfp i guess because you have infp as your listed type so you must have first thought that...unless it was completely random...which doesn't make any sense at all...actually why don't you just explain that first.
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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