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    Cool Here we go again.

    I'm trying to type a friend, I really have no clue.

    He seems like the kind of person who likes to spend time alone and from my experience seems uncomfortable at a party. However, he makes a huge effort to hang out with people and put himself out there. I think this might be because he knows he won't make friends if he doesn't. I lean towards him being an Introvert.

    S/N and F/T
    He is very insecure and pretty pessimistic. He's also extremely sensitive, even if he doesn't always show it and acts somewhat "misunderstood."
    Sometimes he comes across as abrasive or jokes too far and hurts someone's feelings but he really means well and definitely is a good person. He would never do something morally wrong.
    He shows he cares about people not by saying nice things to them but by doing things for them.

    He's very organized and he's always got a plan. Always.
    However, when it comes to following that plan...that's another story.
    If it weren't for that, I'd say Judging.

    Any tips/insight you can give to help me out? C:
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    ISTJ is my tentative guess. ISTJs have tertiary Fi. So they can be very sensitive but they are generally not very expressive of their feelings, so you don't always know how vulnerable they are deep down. Coming across as abrasive and taking jokes too far, sounds more likely in T's than F's although I've known both T's and F's who have that trait. Never doing anything morally wrong- again consistent with ISTJ with well developed tertiary Fi. ISTJs I think are more likely to show caring by doing things for people rather than by saying "I love you" or similar things.
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
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