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    Default INFx... or something different all together?

    I am sorry if I have trouble being clear here and if it seems like I'm just mumbling. I'm not good at organizing.

    Even if my type is obvious to you, it isn't obvious to me. I'm new to MBTI and Enneagram.

    I'm 25, female. When I was a teenager, I constantly tested online as INFJ 4w3 or 4w5. Nowadays, I always end up with INFP 4w5.

    If genetics play a role, my dad is INFP to the core. My mom... I am not sure, but I am leaning at ENFJ. I've figured out what my grandparents likely were, too, if we need to go even further back.

    I was very quiet as a kid. I hardly talked to anyone. When I tried interacting with neighbourhood kids and when I started school, I was picked on. I always felt like I was some sort of alien... like, my thoughts and interests were just so completely different than them. It made me feel extremely awkward.

    Speaking of social awkwardness, I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome when I was 17.

    I had a rich fantasy life with my toys and stuffed animals. I made up stories about them and acted them out. Think of Andy from the Toy Story series to get an idea of what I mean. I know, it's weird, but I spent a lot of time alone as a child, so these were almost like my imaginary friends. The latest I remember still doing this was when I was 13.

    I did well in school as a child. When I really slacked (not until about high school, where I started missing a lot of days) I usually scraped by with grades into the 50-60s. I was always bad at gym.

    I really enjoyed arts and crafts as a little kid. I don't understand why I stopped, really. I think it had to do with me being really messy, resulting in me getting looked at and teased or laughed at. Or how some snobby brat would always just have something that outshone me because it was perfectly painted or something (even though mine was almost always more creative).

    I'm very sensitive to tastes, smells, and brightness.

    I seem to have a competitive streak, like I have to prove I'm the best to people... but I have no idea what causes it. I do get some sort of stress relief from arguing. I also can get super angry, like I just want to destroy everything. I don't understand it. Is it some instinct everyone has?

    Despite that, I hate conflict. That means, although I stick to my views when arguing, I'll feel awful after for starting a fight and getting the person angry or upset. This is also the reason I don't talk much... I am terrified of hurting people and, just as importantly, being hurt. Since I have problems saying "no" to people and being pushed around, getting hurt is still common for me.

    I don't have very many friends. I spend a lot of time alone. Although I do want friends, I have a hard time making them and social activity makes me feel tired or sad a lot.

    I don't like crowded places.

    I like to write, and I am interested in languages. I have problems writing when I get going because there is so much I want to express, but I can't organize it.

    I memorize things by trying to form patterns, and by talking to myself.

    I love being in nature. I am very attracted to water. I love swimming in lakes. I love stargazing, and I love the moon.

    I love animals, but especially cats, some breeds of dogs, penguins, fish, butterflies, and pretty tropical birds.

    I'm fascinated by mermaids (a lot), fairies, and, to a lesser extent, aliens.

    I'm very interested in psychological and philisophical stories. Stories which dig very deep into you and make you question yourself.

    I watch cartoons and anime often. Not a huge gamer, though.

    I am super idealistic when it comes to love. I know I'm not realistic, but that idealism always just pushes at me. I still act like a little kid around someone I like. I blush, have trouble making eye contact, stutter, get embarrassed, and feel like I'm being laughed at.

    I have very vivid dreams.

    I'm a strong believing in the philosophy of freedom, and that people should be free to think or do whatever they want as long as no one is hurt.

    I look for deeper meanings in art constantly.

    If you need to know anything else to determine, I'm a pretty open book.

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    Hello Moonflower, welcome to the forums

    After reading through that list I would say that your definitely an INFP, enneagram 4w5 probably.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savage Brain View Post
    Hello Moonflower, welcome to the forums

    After reading through that list I would say that your definitely an INFP, enneagram 4w5 probably.
    Yeah, sounds pretty INFP'ish to me too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Moonflower View Post
    I have problems writing when I get going because there is so much I want to express, but I can't organize it.
    I can definitely relate.

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