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Fe is simply choosing sides and affirming/denying those relationships.
Don't think F, think Te turned to people. Te asks for no qualificiations except from other functions that give it scope and purpose.
There is no part of Fe that intrinsicly moves your behaviour towards.. public feelings. But you will often see an Fe dominant using sociatal structures as their vehicles of social/relationship organization.
ESFJ's are a great example of that. Guardians of holidays, birthdays and celebrations
ENFJ's work close to the same way, but with Ni instead of Si. Their focuses are displayed differently.
what do you think of this? I have seen some pretty nasty posts about Fe floating around and I admit my judgjments do tend to be what I find usefull, almost regardless of there actual truth. is this typical of Fe? perfect example. I dont really belive type "as described by mbti" exists. but since I find it usefull in relating to people I am interested in it.