My daughter and husband who have both gone on camping trips/retreats and generally spent more time with her both agree that she's obviously naturally introverted and that she's just trying hard to be more E. (hubby and daughter are ENFP/ENFX and ENTJ so I guess they know E'ness).

My husband is currently very annoyed with her about a trip he chaperoned with her claims that she's very flakey. According to him, she's very judgemental and quick to make decisions yet she's always screwing up because she's really got no clue as to what is REALLY going on. She's apparently not very observant, doesn't see the big picture at all. She was all over the kids for little infractions but didn't at all see the overall patterns of behaviors (a couple of kids instigate most of the bad behavior but she doesn't notice). Not only that, he claims that while she is completely anally-retentive and has schedules and checklists galore, none of them really work and aren't well thought out at all. For example she didn't think to divide up the gear according to which van a person was in, so they arrived at their destination without being able to unpack. Stuff like that.

Oh, and according to both, she's a horrible driver. Drives like a grandmother and has no sense of direction. A 2.5 hour trip took 4 hours with her driving.