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    Default I don't seem to be following the ISFJ archtype...?

    Right. Recently I took the cognitive function tests again for fun, just to see what my results would produce this time round. Chances are it's not really accurate anymore of who I am. At the time of writing this post: These things stand out to me...

    1. Open to different opinions, but will argue points to extent that it can sometimes end up going into semantic differences.

    2. I'm perfectionist, but also a procrastinator to the max. Currently, I'm sitting in a messy room, and haven't eaten for the last few hours. I can't say I'm happy with this lifestyle. It's just that I'm extremely lazy.

    3. My sense of Fe seems to be extremely low in comparison with others, yet I'll admit I'm one to care alot about how my relationships are going.

    So I'm wondering whether these are common symptoms of an unhealthy ISFJ who is completely out of sync with their own routine. Anyone see any patterns with what they have experienced in their lives?

    According to this. I'm an ISTJ.

    Cognitive Process Level of Development (Preference, Skill and Frequency of Use)
    extraverted Sensing (Se) ******************* (19.6)
    limited use
    introverted Sensing (Si) *************************************** (39.9)
    excellent use
    extraverted Intuiting (Ne) *************************** (27.6)
    average use
    introverted Intuiting (Ni) ***************** (17.3)
    limited use
    extraverted Thinking (Te) ********************************** (34.5)
    good use
    introverted Thinking (Ti) ************************************ (36.5)
    excellent use
    extraverted Feeling (Fe) ************************* (25.7)
    average use
    introverted Feeling (Fi) ************************************** (38.7) excellent use

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    I don't know. I know someone who I am pretty damn sure is an ISTJ who was convinced that he was ISFJ.

    Caring about people, getting emotional, or being depressed doesn't make someone an F.

    I think ISFJs are more likely to show caring through real nurturing, and ISTJs are more likely to show caring through acts of service, giving gifts, or listening quietly and giving practical advice.

    Fe has its finger on the pulse of the social environment, and I think Te is more likely to look across the room and say "that picture is crooked."

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    Well, I always thought that perhaps you were a "cool" ISFJ, but now that you mention it... I think you're an N. I don't know whether you're an INTJ, INFJ, or INTP, though... but you're definitely one of the three. Right now, you remind me most of a certain INTJ I used to know, with the perfectionist/procrastination thing going on. The thing is, you only remind me of this ONE INTJ. You don't remind me of the vast majority of INTJs on the surface, though quite a few INJs do go through the perfectionist/procrastination thing.

    So, I'm not sure what to make of this. Function-wise, you could easily be an INTP. Being an INTP would explain why you tested ISFJ in the first place... because you were in "shadow mode" at the time, and also have good use of your Si and Fe compared to most INTPs.

    Still, you have such a strong Fe vibe that's hard to believe you're not an FJ.

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