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Your test results are very similar to mine in the T/F divide and the Ti/Fi strengths. The things you have presented point more towards INTP, but with more information that could change.

Due to the high Fi, fluffy-bubbliness, and my username, I've had to check several times that I am not in fact an INFP in denial. I do this with a combination of my test results and looking at the descriptions for INTP and INFP, while noting which parts I relate to and which ones I don't. When I do this, I find I relate to both, but to the INTP description sizably more.

So I would suggest a lookover of these descriptions from multiple sources, and for an even more thorough confirmation you could post about what you relate to about INFP and what you don't, and we'll tell you what the tentative verdict is

Haha thats sort whats been happening I keep questioning which one it is. Some of the INFP fits me but more the INTP even though maybe not every detail the majority of it does. I also watched a few youtube videos. I guess my feeling and thinking is just quite close.