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    Question Type him...please :)

    He is 20 and awesome but that's too little a description to work with so i thought i'd describe him for ya good times:

    He is a self confessed geek and loves Avatar (he's slightly obsessed with it)
    He is also fascinated with lizards, and dinosaurs
    He has a lizard called Neytiri and hates when people refer to her as "it", he's quick to correct you if you do refer to her as "it"
    He believes we should try and encourage evolution by not living in houses and embrace nature
    He is vegetarian
    He is very easy going
    He's witty and has quite a dry sense of humour
    He loves dance and went to a theatre school
    He's adventurous and enjoys exploring
    He's only been in one relationship that lasted for about 3/4years and doesn't really date
    He's very intelligent
    He thinks outside the box and likes to be creative
    Although he gets on with anyone he only has a few people who he calls his friends
    He appears outgoing but is quite shy really
    He's very encouraging and supportive with everyone, and can see how other people see and gives them friendly advice
    He's affectionate
    He tends to befriend shy/quiet people because (in his words) he finds them the most interesting and he feels comfortable around them
    He stands up for people
    But sometimes he teases people in a friendly way though and people just laugh and move on (for example : he tried to guess the pin in a friends phone and ended up blocking it but everyone including the friend just found it funny)
    He's got alot of depth to him
    He has a lot of integrity

    Just a little note : i'm an INFJ, don't know if that makes a difference. My guess would be ENFP but i don't know cos i'm not very good with guessing other people's types, so what do you think (and if you can, please say why?)

    Thanks in advance

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    This is a very uneducated guess, but your description reminds me of a male ISFP I've know....

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