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Thread: Boy ESFP/ESTP?

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    Default Boy ESFP/ESTP?

    I have a friend who when I first met him made me all excited because I thought, "! Someone who's the same type as me!" He took the personality test and got ESFP and insists that he is ESFP and a feeler and everything. But my friend and I aren't so sure and think he might be ESTP and a thinker anyway.

    For one, he's kind of gruff. He wrestles people and they don't like it and he still does it anyway. I freaking hate that. A LOT. Also, he SEEMS like he wouldn't be all that sensitive or all that sensitive to other people's feelings but again, we don't know him inside and out or anything. He's more of an acquaintance that we've know for 10 years.

    Any tips? Help me out?
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    This is just an idea:
    Take it or leave it, maybe you could...
    You know...
    Jerk him off behind the bleachers?

    Those are always revealing moments.


    Now, lets get real. Does he try to control the moment? Does he dictate the pace? Is he ever emotionally hot or cold? Have you ever had a one-on-one conversation with him? If so, what were some of his behavior? Detials. We need some more information to give a decent analysis, and worthwhile response. Plus, if its not too much, exactly why do you want to know all this information about the acquaintance? To what end?

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