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    Default Which MBTI type suits me more?

    I really enjoy some "me" time and reflect over what has happened today or yesterday, to see what I can learn from it. I have this tendency of wanting to work alone and separating myself from groups that makes me feel "drained" after a short period of time. I like to go out and be friendly to people, but I have days where I want to be alone and live in my own world. I'm sensitive as well and prone to getting hurt easily. I'm spontaneous and I rarely plan, but at the very last minute because things just seem to work out for me like that . I am very much in tune with touching and I feel that it's important to me to get to feel whatever it is that I am holding. I am also a hands-on person and I enjoy working with people, giving me that purpose to work for a company aimed towards serving customers. I managed to know how to turn my sensitivity "off" through my current relationship and my job. I love music and read behind its meanings and what the music actually implies. Also, I love analyzing and figuring out exactly how things works and even how people think. I can read someone like a book and even sometimes "feel" if this how the person really are or not. I'm also very sarcastic at time (sometimes automatically).

    Sorry if it's too long, but there. Any thoughts as to what MBTI type I might be???

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    ISFP or INFP. The ISFP is more hands-on and practical and the INFP is more inclined to look into the meanings of things. It sounds like you do both. Both types have dominant introverted feeling (Fi). ISFP has auxiliary extraverted sensing (Se) and INFP has auxiliary extraverted intuition (Ne).
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    i agree with suchirony - i suspect you're probably ISFP based on your post, but INFP is certainly a possibility as well.

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