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Thread: What am I?

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    Ah, so I am an INFP then, or well I will see if I am, I could settle for that know though (if no objections). Cool.

    I don't know how INFP's display themself in Sweden. If they are like me they must be really cool though . I think they are more like their English counterpart, or well, that is how I am.

    Strange, I can't come up with one single person I know, that I can say is INFP, more than maybe myself.

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    I asked my sister to describe me and it's like this:

    Art- and music loving guy who is all fingers and tumbs , like to talk about world's problems. Have very firm opinions that are hard to be swayed by others. Find it hard to talk about feelings, get away talking about feelings by joking or telling about something different, that he heard about or knows about. Smart, fun, well travelled. Learn fast. Talented with a gift of speaking, do not have to stop up and think about what to say, the right words are there naturally. An introvert person, who avoids conflict, dislike routine and never is "lead" by others. Easy to read his body language. Eager for adventures and can surprise people, usually be cleaning the room/apartment without someone having said smth about it, or by screaming random sounds of animals (usually sheep) in public. Is talented in writing and creative, but not a perfectionist when it comes to doing work.

    Described in one word: "Author", or "intelligent". Even looks like an author.
    Is this a typical INFP?

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    I would say INFP, enneagram 9...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Django View Post
    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Maybe I am extremely good at some things compared to others when I think about it. When it comes to eg. writing, or telling European capitals.....;-)

    Anyway, when it comes to photography I could say that what drives me is that I want to make an impression with my photos (as all photographers?), what I look for is beauty. I take mostly photos of landscapes (eg. the forest) and in city environments, as well as spontaneous portraits outside. I like the fact that in a photo, my photo, it resembles myself, and will at the same time be an impression in time (if the memory card is not stolen or broken). It also helps me to focus on here and now, and see how beautiful the world is, and how different it may look from different perspectives. ö

    What drives me insane? In a negative way? Arrogance!
    What matters? Understanding!
    I'm going with INFP too . I shouldn't compare with myself as a measure, but I'm ENFP and I find picking up new skills on instruments is difficult. I need to be really interested in the process to get through something like that and fine details can drive me a bit nuts. The INFPs I know seem to get there a lot easier and find it comfortable. The ISFPs I know just pick it up and start playing the more difficult stuff in no time. Most SP types are really good at watching then doing and very aware of senses. INFPs are known for being really good at picking up new languages too.

    In photography I go in a similar direction to you. I'm normally focussed on capturing the essence of something external. The beauty that feels natural to it and makes it what it is. I think I was trying to see how technically focussed you ended up with the camera too. I don't know if it is the engineering influence but I always want to understand all the functions and processes. I like to see all the options and push the technology to its limit. Once I have no new ways to push it and learn, I get bored. Most NP types have that want to understand everything and explore element. A sort of curiosity. The introverts seem more patient and thorough though, whereas the extroverts seem to thrive on constant change, which was why lots of different hobbies sounded a bit ENxP, even though INFPs do it.

    You tube videos can be a good way of getting an idea of types too. You can look and think, wow they seem similar to me, or damn I'm probably not that type or whatever. There is a thread on the board here with videos also, though many of the ones you'd find useful have been taken down by the people who posted them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Django View Post
    I changed my post:
    Just from your pic, I'd say Type 5 or 7 of the Enneagram.

    Quote Originally Posted by Django View Post
    I am a very laidback and relaxed person.
    Possibly Enneagram 7 or 9?

    Quote Originally Posted by Django View Post
    People see me as a very safe person, and people tend to see me as confident, even if it might not be the case. People trust me, and my friends like to speak with me about their problems, I mostly listen and observe then, which people seem to like.
    Possibly Enneagram Type 5 or Type 9.

    Quote Originally Posted by Django View Post
    I am quite fun as a person, but this is mostly manifested on a 2on2 basis or in a group of close friends/family. I can easily go from being overly serious, thinking and philosophical to being not serious, witty and eccentric, also here, only with close friends or people I know very well.
    Enneagram Head Type. Type 7 or 5.

    Quote Originally Posted by Django View Post
    Still I find it hard to approach strangers sometimes, I can't just walk up to people and talk to them about random shite. I hate small talk and I feel I need to interconnect with person an a deeper basis. I always felt that I am a very "deep" and "complex" person and that I am different to many others in that aspect. I am drawn to mysteries, "odd" places and "odd" things. I have to connect with something, which I never find. I am hard to get to know I think.
    Enneagram 5w4 sx subtype - INFP.

    Quote Originally Posted by Django View Post
    I love to work alone with things that interests me, or in smaller groups. Deadlines are always kept til last minute, if not overseen. I am disorganized and flexible, I have a hard time telling people in advance my plans or my time of arrival.

    Quote Originally Posted by Django View Post
    I need time alone away from people to load my batteries, and I don't like too much attention drawn to myself. I am quite a loner I think, and well, I have nothing against being.
    Enneagram Type 5. I-introverted

    Quote Originally Posted by Django View Post
    As a kid I was very shy and lived in a world of fantasy, I read tons of books, and in school my favorite subjects were humanities such as religion and history, also Swedish (mother tongue), arts and music was fun. Maths, physics and biology were the most hated subjects. I hanged out with the "nerds" but somehow I was more accepted by the "populars" more than the other nerds. If something is threatening me, my believes, or my values I can become overly defensive and it seems that it surprises people.

    highlighted is totally INFP.

    My best guess: INFP Enneagram Type 5w4 (Intimate Subtype Primary)

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    Cool. enneagram 5? Hm, could be. Thank you. "Typical problems for a 5 is eccentrity". "They tend to question everything". Yeah, totally me.

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