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    Default I need your help please

    My mind is very abstract ( very far from logical and practical)

    and I prefer concrete

    I cant stand perceiving everything in an abstract way
    it makes my life complicated
    my relationships with people complicated

    sometimes I feel so stupid because of my lack of logic and not being able to think in a sequential way

    I like facts, details, sequential thoughts, non-fiction, beautiful landscape paintings, and to speak in clear straight forward way

    I do like finding meaning in things but ONLY meaning that is realistic and will give me a deeper insight on that subject
    and I am open to new things but nothing to far from reality anything to ''out there'' makes me uncomfortable even though my mind seems to be able to understand out there concepts...

    It's so frustrating
    any advice?
    I hope that made sense

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    Practice makes perfect. The more you practice concrete thought, on little things (and later bigger things), the more you will develop it.

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    If you're looking for a type... I'd say XNFJ. So your problem is not being able to construe logic to a concrete subject? I'd say focus on something that requires practical answers.

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