After getting ESTP for the 20th time on a test, I'm starting to doubt my ENFPness. =/
I'm a EXXP for sure, not too sure about the two others tough.

I read the functions definitions and everything, but I honestly have no idea if I use Se or Ne more because they seem so different that you could use both a lot without any problems. The S/N definitions don't help more. I however relate a LOT more with the SP temperament than NF or NT. After I'd pick NT. I'm not really into exploring my inner identity and feelings and expressing them through poems or whatever. :P

As for F/T, I don't know either. I'm more logical than emotional. I tend to look at things from an objective point of view. Yet I'm sensible and secretly dream about being a hero saving the world of all the bad guys.

For Fi/Te vs Ti/Fe... I have no idea. I'd pick Fe/Ti, not sure at all tough...

So go help me.