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    Default what type do you think my friend is??

    So my friend is interested in knowing what type you guys think she might be

    She is DEFINITELY free spirited

    She has a rare genuine spark and gratefulness about everything

    She is studying to be a photojournalist who wants to travel as much as she can

    Loves to paint and draw

    Fun, goofy, and adorable

    She takes pride in being a little kid at heart

    She is very soft spoken

    Always smiling and lightly joking around

    She thinks its OK to fail and mess up she thinks there is always room for improvement and room to learn so she doesnt let things get her down that much

    She always follows her heart

    Always looking for opportunities to experience more in life, learn more about herself

    Goes after whatever she wants to try or do

    She really does things more for her own entertainment, though, than to impress people or get their approval

    You rarely hear anything negative come out of her mouth

    Despite what ever troubles she always seems to find her spark again

    She is very strong and nothing really seems to surprise her

    She will just shake her head or walk away if you upset her

    She is very nurturing

    You can tell she has a deep serious core

    If things are not going well she usually goes somewhere to think things over for a day like the beach

    Very down to earth, very calm

    She has a elegant thoughtful look about her

    Just about everyone loves her

    Any ideas?

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    ISFP is my guess. However, I haven't met an ISFP in person (as far as I know), so I could be wrong.

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