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    Quote Originally Posted by skylights View Post
    FWIW, both myself and my cp 6w5 ISTP coworker are "proactive" in the sense that we will move to protect ourselves from things that we have identified to be potentially dangerous (in the work context, this usually means taking certain precautions when certain people are around). The cognition is technically reactive, since we are responding to a perceived threat, but the behavior itself is proactive. But I think this sort of thing is what 6 really is all about - you totally distort reality by interpreting a threat when there is not really one. It's like acting as if there's an elephant in the room, when there isn't. You're just creating anxiety and more work for yourself. I don't understand e8 very well, though, admittedly - not enough to contrast it extensively. My impression is that 8 is more about making yourself strong, while 6 is more about taking down outside forces because they threaten the wellbeing of both oneself and others.
    This is very much what I observe with my 6w7… thanks for the insight and great description. I think you're right concerning the differences between 6 and 8.

    Quote Originally Posted by skylights View Post
    I also believe that fighting for the underdog and championing a greater cause than oneself are blanket 6 traits and belong to neither wing exclusively. That, or I'm a 6w5 and don't realize it. Lol.
    It could also be your NFness coming through.

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    I meant to put 8w7, not 9w1.

    Edit: Because I was thinking of an 8 with 1 overtones.
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