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    Default INFJ, ENFJ, ENTJ or other?

    I've taken the test quite a few times and each time i've either been an INFJ, ENFJ and most recently ENTJ, which has left me confused and in doubt. I'm not very experienced when it comes to typing others, so typing myself was a failure within itself so if you could give me your input i would be very thankful.

    • I love being around people but i get bored very quickly if we're not doing very much.
    • I don't like conversations which have no depth.
    • I enjoy talking about the past and i'm sentimental.
    • I have principles and morals of my own and i refuse to negotiate them.
    • I can stay in for a long period of time without seeing other people.
    • I pretty much create illusions of what i want the world to be like because reality is boring!!
    • I love art and being creative.
    • I don't get on with people who i feel lack any common sense and/or integrity.
    • With those i'm closest to i'm very blunt, with people i've just met or barely know i come across as very laid back.
    • I plan everything in advance.
    • I tend to notice things about people that even their closest friends wouldn't.
    • I love psychology, i'm very interested in how people view the world and why.
    • I have a very dry sense of humour.
    • I feel like a massive contradiction!
    • I can get on with many different people. I've been told i'm a "people person" but don't that's really true, i'm just tolerable and shy haha
    • I like the fact i'm shy because i like the fact i can make even the most 'confident' person feel awkward, sorry.
    • I find it very easy to put myself in someone else's shoes.
    • I think i'm good at reading people.

    I'm not so good with thinking of things to write about myself, but i tried if you need to know anything more please ask.
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    I would say INFJ...but lemme check...I definitely see NFJ though.


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    Hi and welcome! You sound like an ENFJ to me, I can relate to 99% of what you wrote.
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    Thank you both i do think I'm an NFJ but working out if I'm I or E is difficult because I'm more outgoing than most, if not, all introverts I know but I'm not as outgoing as the extroverts I know, it's confusing.....I like it

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