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    Quote Originally Posted by liYA View Post
    Written by lady X

    ''right...and a fi person will react warmly towards someone they feel a connection with...something within that person jives with their personal beliefs...a fe user i believe is more apt to treat everyone warmly because that's the nice thing to do...?? ''
    I do both. I show everyone an acceptable level of warmth because its the nice thing to do (unless you've mistreated me, then I may not be so nice), but I go out of my way to show a higher level of warmth to people I really connect with or know better.

    Quote Originally Posted by liYA View Post
    ''also...yeah...outwardly shown emotion is more of a fe thing, i think.''
    ''and fi will judge things based on their own made up belief system...and a fe person judges things based more on a global belief system...i think.''
    I don't show alot of emotion. (Fi)
    I'm more inclined to judge things by a more global system, I guess (Fe)

    Quote Originally Posted by liYA View Post
    Written by Oakysage

    To extremes

    Insult an Fe user and he/she will cry.
    Insult an Fi user and he/she will not show any emotion but cry on the inside.
    If someone hurts my feelings, I usually let them know. I try to avoid getting overly emotional but I have had the occasional emotional outburst when things have gotten to be too much. I burst into tears during one of my performance reviews. I tried hard to hold the tears back but my emotions got the best of me. I felt I was giving it my all and doing really well and felt the boss was unreasonably hard on me. I expected to get good to excellent ratings and instead got needs improvement in several key areas. Maybe I had an inferior Fe episode then? Maybe too much of my self-esteem is wrapped up in how competent others see me?

    Quote Originally Posted by liYA View Post
    Insult an Fe user and he/she will take hostile action towards you (verbally or physically)
    Insult an Fi user and he/she will ignore you and treat you like shit.
    I think I'm more inclined towards the Fe behavior. I'd probably get all defensive and insult them back. Its difficult to just things like that go and act like everything is all okay.

    Quote Originally Posted by liYA View Post
    Written by Cybin

    I've heard Fe describes as being able to sense feelings radiating from others and see the way that they connect between people. This is what gives way to the 'social etiquette' idea that gets equated with Fe. Fe users want harmony in the world. When unchecked, Fe users can lose themselves in maintaining his harmony to the point of overlooking their feelings.
    Harmony is key for me. I don't do well interacting with others who do not seem to give off harmonious vibes. I'm very sensitive to this. I have overlooked my own feelings at times for the sake of harmony. I think enneagram type 9 also plays a role here. I'm an enneagram 5 but I have a strong 9 component in my trifix.

    Quote Originally Posted by liYA View Post
    Fi is an inner experience of feelings. They begin internally. Fi wants harmony in themselves. Fi relates to people by taking on the feelings of others as their own. When unchecked, Fi users can lose themselves by taking on these feelings to such an extent it forgets about itself. Fi will help others by helping them find inner harmony, rather than between many people.
    I relate very well to the inner harmony part. I don't feel okay unless I've established inner harmony. I don't relate much to the rest. I understand what others are feeling and I can put myself in their shoes but rarely do I feel their feelings. Its more of an intellectual sort of understanding than an emotional one. I can't recall a time when I've been so wrapped up in someone else's feelings that I lost myself in the process.

    I guess overall, I relate more to Fe than Fi, which I suppose is consistent with INTP. But in INTPs both Fe and Fi are weak. The difference is in INTPs the Fe is the inferior function and Fi is the demonic. When I really think about it, I do use Fe alot but I kind of see it as more of a force to be reckoned with rather than something that truly brings satisfaction and fulfillment. I suppose that's the nature of the inferior. I'm still trying to understand the role of demonic Fi.

    But is it possible I'm not INTP? Compared to other INTPs I seem more Fe sensitive, especially in the need for harmony in the world and reacting poorly to insults. I'm not very thick-skinned.
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    kdude put it post totally made fi users sound elitist or something...that's not how i meant it but i'm not such the great writer...i'm warm and friendly to most people most of the time too..but like orangeappled (i think)'s the reasons behind it that are different...the thought processes...same behavior...different motivation...sometimes..
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