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    Default INFP or INFJ? help me please

    When I was little I was very creative, very determined and full of life sort of bossy
    up until I was about 8 years old

    then I moved to another country and learned a new language and everything after that was basically negative emotional abuse, car accident injury, a teacher being hard on me while I was learning english so it made me feel doubt my abilities etc.
    the emotional abuse stopped BUT I became a very emotional person very aware of how I was feeling and making sure I didn't upset other people very submissive sort of a mess of a person unless my values were threatened
    I tested as an INFP then

    now im 18 starting to become more practical, put together, school oriented, and trying to be more aware of whats going on around me instead of in my head about my feelings

    now im in my head about other things less feelings more organized & analyzed decision making about my future

    now the Jung test says im INFJ

    I have bouts of introverted or extroverted times in my life

    Can you type me?
    If not can you ask me questions to help type me?

    Thank you

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    Well, when you daydream, what happens? Do you go off on tangents or is it usually consistently related to the situation at hand?

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