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Thread: What am I?

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    Oh, and to follow...

    The high Te is interesting, but I don't think you have a true judging preference.

    I have terrible issues with procrastination and generally with getting things from start to finish. I can't focus enough, I get in Ne-Ti loops, I gain and lose interest, lots of almost ADD-like stuff going on. It's painful, and if I didn't hit myself over the head with Te-style strategizing and structuring on a daily basis, I would never get work done. So I have developed Te to overcompensate A LOT over the past few years to be able to pass some of my classes. And since you actually have (or identify with in some way with) ADD, I'm wondering if this same sort of overcompensation is going on here. Seems like a good possibility...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LunaLuminosity View Post
    Let's see if simple approach works =)

    Pick one more like you:

    experiencing, trying, scanning for what is

    interconnecting, interpreting, focusing on possibilities

    Pick the one more like you:

    considering importance, clarifying values, deciding something to stand for

    categorizing, analyzing how something works, clafiying definitions for precision

    I'm sure you can guess what these represent, but a lot of the descriptions out there are more long-winded. Maybe this can help a bit.

    Also, you may notice that the impression I am starting with is that you are an ExxP of some sort.
    I chose for experiencing, trying, scanning for what is. I don't exactly interpretate things. I just see them and when they entered my mind, they get blown up to extreme proportions. I never search a meaning behind them, I just see them and I screan them for the absurdities in them. I live for meaningless absurdities, normal things get boring very quickly. Some people think I might be interconnecting things constantly, but I'm actually very bad at that. I just see things and point them out and when others think this means I'm interconnecting, well, I don't know, maybe they're right, maybe their wrong. I don't even focus on possibilities. I focus on the things I want, what I should do to get the things that I want and the way things are right now. Maybe that is focussing on the possibilities, but if it is, it's a practical way. I mean, if anybody asked me about what I think the future will be like, I'll probably say something absurd because I haven't really thought about the more realistic options of what the future may behold (except for my way to extreme goals).

    I'm not really a values person, so I chose for categorizing, analyzing how something works, clafiying definitions for precision. When I do have values about something and they're conflicting with someone else's values, I don't tell those people they're wrong or right because their values are immoral. I just start analyzing their values, check how things turned into the way they are and point out where it all went wrong. Just like now that my father keeps complaining about that my behind is too large. I can exactly logically point out where his vision went wrong (he had two sisters and no brothers, so he was confronted with the images from girly magazines way more, instead of the way real men liked their women) and why my way of thinking is right (do you know how many women have plastic surgery to get themselves an ass like mine?!). I'm not really into deep topics either, I'm already distancing myself from political topics because they're way too confusing.

    About the judging preference: you should see me when I'm in charge of a group. In that case I really turn into a control freak. Same when I turn dependent of someone else.
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