OK. Further thought and summary.

High E, High O, above average C and low A from big5 suggests E, N, J, T in that order, with least emphasis on T.
High D, high I, above average C from DISC suggest some type who wishes to be influential and is somewhat orderly and dutiful in doing so.

My idea of mixing up letters on an individual basis, and giving myself a chance to be ENFJ, was ridiculous. I've got preference for Fi, not Fe, which is ENFJ's main function by definition.
The idea that people who are tough on the outside and soft inside are J's matches well with my thing.

All in all, ENTJ is my best match as a re-evaluation, with ENTP almost equal in probability. It's hugely ambiguous. I can't verify any ideas of INFP or ISFP shadow; I don't find good enough starting point to build any theory on. I don't think that the theory of shadow personality is verifiable, so I might as well discard it. I did give it a chance, but there's really nothing substantial on which to build anything.

Yeah, I'll probably seem like different personality types at different occasions, because all the MBTI personality types are so close to each other in the centre, and two of my scales are near centre. No problem there.

I did get the idea that I might take an official MBTI test if such becomes available where I live. I would very much put an end to this little obsession of mine. Then again, the obsession exists only here, not in real life. Perhaps the place drives people to pigeonhole themselves with a bit too greater force than necessary, and I so want to have some things well defined.. sigh..