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Thread: What's My Type?

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    Question What's My Type?

    Hello, long-time lurker, first-time poster. I've never settled on a MBTI type, and I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions.

    I posted a description of myself on a Socionics forum, and since I don't want to retype it, here it is: What's My Type? - Socionics Forums
    phobic 6w5 sp/so/sx (tri-type: 6w5/1w9/4w5)

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    Hi again (I'm warrior-librarian over on the socionics forum)! Welcome aboard!

    First of all, socionics does not equal MBTI. You could be an ISFj in socionics but not necessarily an ISFJ in MBTI. The two systems treat the functions somewhat differently. This time, I'll attempt to analyze from an MBTI standpoint.

    Hello, I'm a long-time lurker who's never been sure of my type. I have an idea or two, but I'm not confident with them. I'm not a Socionics expert by any means, but I think I have a pretty basic understanding of it.

    Not sure if this helps, but I'm an Exhibit A example of a phobic 6w5 sp/so/sx (my tri-type is 6w5, 1w9, and 4w5).

    I would say IXXJ of some sort from the trifix. I think 4w5 is more typically associated with F, so I'm leaning toward IXFJ.

    Anyway, I'm a male Freshman in college. I'm very shy and quiet, I hate small talk and I'm a loner (but not in a cool Man With No Name way). I'm pretty paranoid/suspicious and I'm pretty confident that I have avoidant personality disorder, even though I've never been officially diagnosed with it. I love predictability and order. I like it when everything's clear and a routine has developed.

    Clearly an IJ type. Now the love for predictability and routine makes me think SJ is more likely than NJ. NJs like order too but they seem somewhat more less attached to having to have a routine.

    I'm a very judgmental person, but I understand this is not right, so for this reason (and because I hate offending people) I keep all these judgments to myself.

    F is typically associated with not offending anyone but lots of T types hate offending people too.

    I'm a Calvinist Christian with a literal interpretation of the Bible, so morality and ethics are extremely important to me. Secretly, I dream of righting the wrongs of society (I would love to be the Oliver Cromwell of the United States), but overall I'm a pretty submissive guy with no intentions of forcing my views other people's throats. I've never registered to vote, because I view secular politics as evil. Outwardly, I'm very tolerant and accepting.

    I think literal interpretation of the bible is associated with SJ. Now morality and ethics can be associated with SJ but also with Fi. SJ is more likely to have the attitude that I should do this because its the rules and its what I'm supposed to so. But Fi takes a more personalized view and has their own inner compass of values, which may or may not be the same as the more traditional accepted view. The last sentence of the paragraph would be an example of more Fi driven morality.

    You could be an ISTJ with a well developed Fi tertiary function.

    I'm always worried about something, because I'm very concerned with how I'm viewed by others. For this reason I try to submit to others and let them have their way, so I won't disrupt the peace. I'm very punctual and find it impossible to relax when the clock is ticking (not literally).

    I get an ISFJ vibe from this.

    Again, your punctuality and difficultly relaxing is another piece of strong evidence in favor of J.

    Most people don't seem to view me as a warm people. On more than one instance others have referred to me being cold-hearted or not having a heart. Secretly, I'm hurt by this, but I guess that's just the impression others get of me. Perhaps they view me as stoic, even though I'm usually freaking out on the inside. At my first job, one of the friends of one of my co-workers told me that all of the other workers were too scared to talk to me. Personally, I'd prefer if they didn't talk to me, but I was still hurt by this. I suppose I don't appear very approachable or friendly. One of my friends in high school compared me to Fred Phelps (), Rorschach from Watchmen (never seen the movie or read the comic), Moses/Charlton Heston, and the British officer from the movie Gandhi on trial for massacring the Indian crowd.

    Now this is interesting. I was leaning slightly towards ISFJ for your type until I get to this part. ISFJs have extraverted feeling as their auxiliary function so they tend to appear warm and friendly to others, but in a quiet and low key manner. You mention how you're perceived sometimes as cold-hearted, which I think is far more typical of ISTJs. ISTJs have Fi as their tertiary function. Their feeling is introverted, so the warmth is kept more inside and is not as readily apparent to others.

    I like to think of myself as an empathetic person who understands others feelings and tries not to offend them. I'm anti-intellectual, stubborn, and reactionary. I hate anything new and prefer lazy, calm Saturday afternoons to crazy, fun Friday night parties. I abhor parties and have some "anti-fun" tendencies.

    I think ISFJ is more likely to see themselves as non-intellectual than ISTJ. Both ISFJ and ISTJ can be stubborn and reactionary, although I think ISFJs will temper this somewhat so as not to offend. Both ISTJ and ISFJ (any type for that matter) can be empathetic but in general, F types put more value on it.

    Not sure how helpful this is but these are results from the Personal DNA quiz:
    Generous Realist
    Confidence: 2
    Openness: 0
    Extroversion: 2
    Empathy: 96
    Trust in Others: 0
    Agency: 2
    Masculinity: 4
    Femininity: 14
    Spontaneity: 2
    Attention to Style: 76
    Authoritarianism: 42 (surprised it wasn't higher)
    Earthy/Imaginative: 82 (Earthy)
    Aesthetic/Functional: 42 (Functional)

    These numbers are mostly consistent with ISFJ. I would think though, that ISFJs would tend to have higher trust in others. I think being skeptical of others is more common with ISTJ.

    I'm 99% confident you're either ISTJ or ISFJ. I'm leaning slightly towards ISFJ at this moment even though there are a couple things that conflict. ISTJ is certainly possible too.
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
    Neutral Good

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    Thank you so much for replying. I've always kinda-sorta leaned towards ISFJ, but they just seem too damn friendly, optimistic, and open. I dunno.
    phobic 6w5 sp/so/sx (tri-type: 6w5/1w9/4w5)

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