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    Default I'm pretty sure I'm INTJ.

    For a while, I thought I was an ENTP.
    I've had a lot of personal problems in the past and have gotten some good advice from friends: to do what comes naturally to me, which would allow me to feel more comfortable in my own skin.
    It seems to be more of an IXXJ approach to life than an EXXP.
    I've learned how to act like an EP type many years ago- since I perceived that type as having an easier time in the social realm.
    However, as I've grown more secure in myself- I've found that I am more eager to organize/plan than "just let things happen" and that I enjoy spending time pursuing solitary hobbies.
    So yea- I know I've had a bad habit of changing from type to type in the past but I think INTJ is the answer.
    It's a type I haven't really considered since the profiles I've read often described the type as "forceful" and "self-confident".
    However, "self-confident" isn't really a key trait of any personality type.
    To be self-confident is to be comfortable with who you are.

    The other thing I've done is really try to look into what my "shadow type" is- and I think it's very Se-ish.. in particular with my tendency to overindulge in physical pursuits when stressed out (e.g: alcohol, women).. thoughts?

    Any objections?
    MBTI Type: iNTj
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    Hi Mondo

    I am no 'expert' at this stuff but what you are saying makes sense -

    I think it's quite common to confuse INTJs with ENTPs. (I have made this mistake a lot of times: Larry Flynt, House MD, the co-worker I had the most connection with... the list goes on - though not on myself - I am an ENTP as you can see from the user and have never thought I was INTJ, though used to think I was INTP. My 'P'ness is quite obvious though.)

    The 'shadow type' thing I think is a good one... I only really realised this myself about a year ago - it was something I'd read about abstractly about under stress etc but not really identified with. Came to realise I had actually been operating in 'the shadow' pretty much continuously though at work (long story...) like a pathological ISFJ - being overly bogged down with details, what people would think, am I letting people down, no one can manage without ME, etc.

    For what it's worth the INTJs I know in real life (quite a few) I wouldn't necessarily describe as 'self confident' though if they are an expert on a particular area they can come off as confident or even know-it-alls (not saying you are!) in that particular subject. I also had not realised how much they can hate giving presentations, talking to groups of people etc especially as they seem to end up in manager positions quite frequently and have to do a lot of that stuff!
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    There's still the judging vs perceiving thing, as in having the perceiving mindset but still being into planning and organizing; as it says in the INTP description, they can also develop a keen skill for contingency planning, having some structure and not being so spontaneous. Might want to read some various descriptions and figure where you fit better in any case, to be thorough, since INTJ is definitely considered a different breed from the NTPs. Good luck.

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    Nope. No objections. I don't know you that well, but you always felt like an odd entp to me, and seemed to be quiet and collected, with dry humor. So it could very much fit

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