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    Default Help me type this friend


    I´m still sort of a newbie to typing others and have been wondering about a friend of mine. Maybe some of you guys can help me out.

    Since it´s hard to tell which functions he prefers I´ll go with dichotomies.

    E/I: We used to call him Grandpa because back when he was with his previous girlfriend (who suffered from anxiety issues - she often asked him to stay in and he dutyfully comlied but he also used her disorder as an excuse not to go when he didn´t want to) he didn´t go out much and always returned home early. Recently however he turned into a serious party animal and he has always had a huge circle of friends, well aquaintanced rather than close friends. He needs the external stimulation or he becomes restless. On the other hand he is a very concentrated worker and can shut himself in for a longer period of time when work demands it.

    N/S: He has a PhD in philosophy (concentrating on the works of Hegel) and loves to discuss esoteric topics, developing what-if scenarios. Sometimes simple practical things like opening a bank account or using modern technology are a strain on him ("meh, it´s too complicated"). He is also very creative and loves all sorts of art, including some very modern abstract stuff. On the other hand he has quite a developed Se and party, sex and alcohol and good food play an important role in his live as well. He has some strong SJ traits as well (very structured, authority and rules are extremely important to him, he is always eager to play by the rules and make a good impression with the powers to be). He is a person of habits.

    F/T: He can be very passionate and emotional about things he likes or dislikes and often has strong opinions that are based on impulse/gut feeling rather than rational considerations. He is easily offended and can react quite emotionally. On the other hand the fact that he tends to walk over dead bodies in his love life and can be a bit undiplomatic and bolder than he intended to be towards his friends at least hints at low Fe. He does know how to play politics when necessary (wants to become a philosophy professor).

    J/P: He is pretty punctual for a Spaniard (stereotypes FTW) and closer to the neat freak side than a messy. He is ambitious and likes long term plans. he will have planned his saturday on monday as well. As I already said, he´s a person of habits. Yet he also loves to make plans with friends ("You know, we should organize a reading circle...", etc.) that aren´t very likely to be put into practice.

    Any ideas? By the way: This might all sound a bit harsh, but he really is a great guy and can be lots of fun.
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