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    Default INFP and INTP combination possible?

    Hi. After becoming interesting in MBTI, I've always scored as an INTP, but a) I've recently also scored as an INFP on "indirect question" tests, and b) I am quite idealistic, and not quite so emotionally detached as the typical INTP, as a quick scan of the INTP forum would suggest. Are such hybrids common?

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    there seems to be a lot of talk about hybrids on the site lately!

    the simple answer is no.

    the more complex answer is that theoretically it should be possible for a person to be a perfect ambivert, but it's really unlikely, to the point of being practically a non-option. much more likely is that you're an INTP who has developed F well, or an INFP who has developed T well.

    to get into jungian theory, the reason for this is that the main difference between INTP and INFP is that they process internally in different ways. they both are introverted perceivers and collect information in the same way - through externally-oriented iNtuition, but INTP processes information using introverted Thinking: logic and facts, criteria and principles, working in a paradigm of truth and untruth. INFP processes information using introverted Feeling: gestalts and impressions, appropriateness and values, working in a paradigm of right and wrong. (note: not necessarily Truth or Right, just truth and right.)

    while it'd technically be possible to sit on the fence between the two, chances are that you rely more on one than the other. i say this especially because whether you use introverted Thinking (Ti) or introverted Feeling (Fi) affects the rest of your function order. (more on that here) the key is that one of the two will be more "natural" to you - it will require less energy of you, and, given all other things are equal, it's the function you'd tend toward, not what your current environment requires of you.

    idealism does point more to NF, but you could have NT principles that appear very similar to NF ideals. emotional attachment also points to Fi, but my little brother is a definite INTP and he has some serious emotional attachments to things like childhood toys. he can also be a little bit of a drama queen sometimes - so emotion definitely isn't an F thing alone. people with introverted Feeling first or near the top of their preferences tend to be more willing to explore and utilize that emotion, whereas a person with introverted Thinking is much better able to put aside emotional mush for the sake of their goals.

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    Emotional attachment isn't even particularly Fi. That's a common misconception that appears to be confusing many NFP/NTP seekers. Emotions are apart of the ego, and are not a differentiated "Feeling" function; and the clue as to the actual functional preference might be the sorts of things the person gets emotional about.
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