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    Default Help with typing one of my best friends

    Yes, this is another of these stupid "I need help"-threads..... it is about my longest friend, whom I have known since my early childhood. we are like sisters, I guess. I guess we'd probably never become friends if we had met later in life, but, well, I start rambling .......
    I ask her to do one test, but I'd like to know what you think on her type....

    - she is extremely organized, and the most well-planned person I know. She enjoys planning her days in advance, and in detail. her flat is also extremely neat and tidy, somewhat stylish and comfortable at the same time. I really envy that
    - if she has set her mind on doing something, she does it no matter what. this is also how she works, e.g., on papers: if she has planned to work 4 hours a day on a paper, she will, no matter if she feels creative at that day or not.
    - she is always there when I need her, and I can absolutely rely on her to be there for me when I need help.
    she is always willing to put up with other people's problems, is a good listener and gives advice.
    - She can be very sensible and rational in making decisions. however, she is still a very emotional person, and I think she also often lets her emotions influence her decisions. however, if she has once set her mind to stop doing something ( affair gone wrong), she will keep her word and stick to her decision.
    - she can be very realistic about emotions......don't know how to explain..... even if she is in love, she stays very...realistic, don't know how to put it. she also is realistic about other people's relationships and
    things like that. ah, I start rambling ....
    - she is extremely fashionable, and knows how to dress very well. knows what colours and shapes etc. to combine, really. very fashionable, but never....flashy, even though there is always something very individual about the way she dresses. hard to explain
    - very conscious of her weight :/....unfortunately....think there are some eating disorder problems, but that's not the point here. does a lot of fitness etc. which leads me to the next point:
    - she is extreeeeemely disciplined! she thinks that if people underachieve it is because of lack of discipline.
    - she studies german as a second language, linguistics and sociology, and has been teaching children with german as a second language. she is also involved in some uni-project which she has designed with a friend, in which she wants to improve language support/teaching in elementary school in general education (not only in "german" as a subject)...hard to describe. she also conducted a study for this seminar and created material that can be used to support language learning in general courses..... she is very enthusiastic and idealistic in this. she really wants to change something in this area.
    - in our mails, we use a lot of word play and extend metaphors........sometimes, we only write in invented or extended metaphors....she uses a lot of metaphors, often strings of metaphors in her mails.
    - as children, we were very imaginative in our playing ...we invented a lot of machines, wrote poems, songs, etc.
    - she is rather fast to judge people, and if she doesn't like someone, that person has a hard time proving her wrong.....if ever at all....
    - she is a perfectionist in what she does (teaching, studying etc.).
    - realistic as well as optimistic about her future. don't know how to describe it better.....
    - has always worked, also while studying, to keep a certain standard of living. she also says that she wants to improve her standard of living in the future.
    - she always knows the newest in-retaurants, bars, etc., and takes me there ....
    - likes to party, but only as long as it does not interfere with her work. if she can sleep in the next day, she likes to go out to clubs with friends, and also drinks a lot. but if she has to get up early the next morning, because she has to write a paper etc., she will not drink much and go home early.
    - she is very conscious about what other people think of her, and very conscious about not embarassing herself in public. conscious of social rituals as birthdays, etc. gives very special and personal gifts for birthdays, often involving special activities with the birthday person that suit that person and have a special connection....

    that's it for the moment......maybe I'll add some things.... I'd really like to know what you think and appreciate any kind of help.

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    Your description sounds a lot like my ESFJ sister-in-law. She's extreamly organized, keeps a beautiful house, dresses fashionably, really into linguistic studies (she's a French teacher at a Catholic school now, but she loves studying various laguages), always keeps her planned schedules, can be very imaginative (she just wrote a cute children's book recently), always remembers birthdays, and though she can be very nurturing and protective of those she loves, she can be very harsh in her judgement of people in general. Actually, those last two things often go hand in hand as she will be less rational and objective than she normally would be when judging a person if that person somehow hurt someone she cares about, or a cause that she cares about. Although she is very emotional, she usually deals with those emotions very rationally unless she is feeling protective of someone.
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    yes, i think either ESFJ or maybe ENFJ.

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