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    totally are funny, very pokey Ti style humor. That's just your tert Fe showing through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcockburn View Post
    Oddly, I am quick-witted in person. And I can speak very very well if I have some preparation time. But if I have to ask a detailed, complicated question on the spot quickly, that's where I stumble with the wording/explanation. Rules out Te for me. ENFPs have theirs.

    There was a lot of size 48 red font in that second post, so Ill reply to this one.

    ENTPs can be very good at social communication and interaction using tert Fe. However when you get into the nitty gritty of the idea itself, since many think visually, there can be a substantial processing delay in speech. It is exceptionally noticable in INTPs, but many ENTPs will also have slow down. You guys can also drag others off into Ti land...losing all the Te users in the process via too much detail. (My entp friend chalks this up to Te users being too stupid to follow details... )

    So to talk about how you feel about another person might be straightforward, but to discuss an idea might be quite hard.

    On the converse for me, as an ENFP, I can spew Te ideas for hours of end. Ask me how I feel? *crickets chirping*

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    I just compiled a 15 minute post of epicness then my internet failed on me, and it is lost!



    Anyway, ENTP, all the way, or, shit, you're not an F, that much I'm positive about.

    'Cause you can't handle me...

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