I'm a male INFJ. You seem slightly more INTJ to me.

Here are a couple of thoughts:

- I love math too and I was good at it. F doesn't stand for illogical. And T people have feelings too, and a desire for love/romance just like any other human being. So, these things don't really count when I'm thinking about type.
- In my experience, INFJs keep an open mind to those "psychic dimensions" and mysticism, because there are still tons of secrets to be uncovered. Also, INFJs are defenders of the underdogs, so they are likely to support unpopular views. Sometimes just for the sake of reminding others that there are other possibilities.
- Maybe you cried at your grandad's funeral, because the hidden feelings came to you as a surprise? F people are likely spending more time attuning to their own feelings. INFJs tend to do that beforehand via "what if" speculations. Maybe Ts have more suprises in the feeling arena?

Have you always felt that you don't fit in? Isolated? A hermit, an outcast? Male INFJs face some rather unique challenges.