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    I'm not impressed with experts who pathologize everyone but help no one either!

    But I'm ever grateful to the experts to have sincerely helped our family and improved my son's life and therefore helped our entire family. Gabe, thanks for your comments, I appreciate all responses but I'm not going to debate the legitimacy of a documented medical condition. I know mental conditions are controversial, but I've accepted it long ago and have no desire to debate or argue the issue. Done enough of that in my real life! But I will say that I definetely agree with you that each of us is unique and has different gifts. My son is very intelligent and has many gifts, gets good grades and has friends, we are pleased that he's functioning quite well.

    The person that I listen to the most is my husband. He talks a lot about his fairly unhappy childhood where all he did was get in trouble, he was aggressive with the other kids, had no clue what was going on in the classroom (though he was interested), kids thought he was a troublemaker and so on. Like my son he desperately wanted to be accepted but people wouldn't give him a chance. He really wishes he was treated/medicated as a child. The school tried to steer him towards being an automechanic because he basically fluncked out of high-school. But to make a long-story shorter he proved them wrong when he got his MBA from Michigan. Like me, he's a very strong advocate for ADHD as a legitimate condition.

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    You know your son better than anyone.

    Glad you're here and I may pm you at some point for advice. If you wouldn't mind of course.
    Time is a delicate mistress.

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    Wouldn't mind at all Jen!

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