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    Default Confusion over socionics typing

    Please can someone help me to understand whether Socionics truly goes by the Carl Jung model? I am trying to understand just who it is that is supposed to be my dual partner according to them, but since I am an ENTP, I am always paired with an introvert. From their explanations, { J/P = problem }
    { } according to Jung, the introverts end up having the last letters switched when governed by his reasoning. So, ISFp becomes ISFj. HOWEVER: when I look at their type decriptions on the website, { Psychological Type profiles } it seems as if they are the same as any other MBTI description. Which is confusing. Here is the complete chart for relationships and duality:
    { Complete relationship chart between psychological ("personality") types }

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    Socionics takes from Jung somewhat, but Augusta adjusted some of the definitions and what the purpose of the entire functions were when he was designing socionics it seems.

    And you generally don't switch J/P for introverts; the only reliable J/P swap in my experience is with the INT types. A lot of INTJs end up being INTp, and INTPs end up being INTj. But other than that it generally seems to stay the same. If you read about the quadras then it will be really obvious that INFPs are beta, ISFPs are alpha, ISTPs and INFJs are delta etc.

    So as an ENTP, your dual would be an ISFP. A lot of the ISFPs I meet are Alpha types and ISFps in socionics.
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    Thanks so much for that info. From what I understand ENTP's are too. What a curious combination.

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