I think it could be interesting to try and discuss about which types two best friends could be - friends who share'the same world view, but only partly.

Brian and Ewan are fresh out of university and both studying again. Both are their 20's, but Brian is slightly older. They've studied foreign language and literature. Right now Brian is doing his masters in European studies, while Ewan is studying (from scratch) theatre directing, which has been a passion of his since his childhood, even though he's obsessed with writing as well.

Visually Brian is taller and has classic traits, while Ewan is shorter and has a childhood, smooth face. Most people would consider Brian's looks to imply the character of a thinker, a person, who's romantic and considerate (Goethe's Werther or a character from the novels of Fitzgerald), while Ewan's looks would imply an child terriblewho refuses to grow up and who contains in himself a certain innocence and idealism - a Holden Caufield, a Peter Pan...

Most people who know them or actually think they do know them consider Brian to be serious, a bit absent-minded, good-natured, calm, reliable, in constant need of communication with people, but no need to be the center of attention. Brian is patient and has a phlegmatic/melancholical personality. He has hiw own principles and people feel respect toward him even though most of them don't understand him, his motives and his needs.

They consider Ewan to be more chaotic, more absent-minded, more unreliable, more innocent, overly dramatic and out of touch. Most people consider Ewan happy-go-lucky. To them he's the happy face, he's the one who'll make a witty remark or will have an enthusiastic conversation. He's the one, who will perform in front of the class, imitate a teacher or make fun of something. When Ewan's down, he deserts from others (and he does it pretty often). He needs time on his own. He doesn't feel the need to expose himself in front of the others. All the jokes, all the remarks - he doesn't care about that and he knows for himself that they don't represent his being. He lets others to consider him this way and is totally aware of the fact that people - even close ones - don't know him, while they believe they do know him.

Both Brian and Ewan could go through a variety of emotions without others noticing. When it comes to Brian, he rarely shows a certain emotion, so you don't expect him to feel strongly. When it comes to Ewan, people are usually confused to learn that they experienced him as being happy, talkative, energetic in his quirky way when he was down, depressed, felt lonely.

Brian is more in control of his emotions. Ewan is more prone to addictions, depression, longing. When Ewan is away from people he cares deeply about, he feels depressed and anxious. He's full of fears about the people he loves. Brian is more balanced and not dependent on his family the way Ewan is.

Both Brian and Ewan have a flair for language and expression. Brian is more the linguistic type of a person, while Ewan is a born storyteller.

Brian is thinking in terms of the system the language is and is able to explore the theoretical side (he's obsessed with the connection between a modern language and the Greek), while Ewan is more visual, more fantasy-oriented and uses this approach even in language and expression.

Brian is a bit more elegant, even though both he and Ewan are obsessed with the way they look.

Brian is more realistic and and down-to-Earth, while Ewan tends to have his head in the clouds.

Ewan is a bit more sensual than Brian is. He loves sensations. He loves long showers, loves the change of feeling, he loves the cold air. Brian loves things to have atmosphere and doesn't change it.

Both love beauty and art. Brian is more the person, who appreciates beauty. Ewan is the one who longs to create beauty out of nothing. Ewan expects of Brian and other friends attention to the things he creates (mostly written work and theatre), he expects them to analyze it, to criticize it. But he needs approval, he needs praise, even though he most of the time doesn't consider it to be honest. He wants people to share their observations and experiences of his work and is usually self-critical to the extreme, even though his lazyness prevents him from working hard to complete things. That's why he (Ewan) creates mostly fragments and shorter pieces.

Brian cares deeply about politics, the social climate, problems of minorities, tends to read the newspapers and non-fiction, while Ewan loathes these fields, can't connect to them and reads fiction, poetry, loves to perform, to daydream. Actually, both are dreamers, but Brian's dream world is more constructed. More logical in a way, because he probably fears it or feels too attached to reality. Ewan is more speculative. Ironically Ewan is more of a loner, because even when he has friends, he has no problem to withdraw from them for a long time to do his own stuff. He could cut the communication without explanation. Brian is more a man of principles. He's more reliable. While at the university, Brian visited all the classes, prepared his homework, while Ewan actually skipped a lot of classes to spend time on his own, to read, watch movies etc.

Ewan is more prone than Brian to feel an outsider, to feel unworthy of love, to feel that others desert him. When somebody does insult Ewan or Brian, Brian is likely to forget it and to continue communication, while Ewan will not show how hurt he is, but internally he's feeling turmoil and can't really decide how he caused it? And why people are doing it.

Brian expresses his self in every day activities more freely, while Ewan keeps things to himself. He writes them down, usually in a language people close to him don't understand. He keeps very personal. He doesn't think that people should know everything that's on his mind. When somebody tries to get into his personal space, he feels anxious. Ewan doesn't love contact. He doesn't love to be touched, even by friends. Brian doesn't avoid contact that much.

Brian has principles. He'll finish his work in time, he doesn't waste money, while Ewan looks kind of spoiled on the surface. Ewan is always dreaming of the future, but usually relies on experiencing comfort or happiness today. He wastes money. He won't finish his work on deadline if he is preoccupied with other interesting things. He usually is reading at least three books at the same time, always moving around, being nervous and tense. Brian could be stoic and quiet even if he's nervous.

Brian is a good talker, even public talker. Ewan is a good writer, but he can't really talk, especially in front of an audience. He feels nervous, he can't find the right words, his voice refuses to be strong enough, he feels self-conscious when talking.

Brian is a warm person. To everyone. Ewan is more reserved and when he doesn't like somebody, he won't hide it. Both avoid conflict.

Brian wants to share things with others. Ewan feels he needs support, guidance, somebody to comfort him, to take care of him, to guard him.

When they're doing something, writing a paper, Brian is always ready on time even though if you were around him, you didn't notice him progressing. Ewan is always working in the last minute, relying on intuition and improvisation.

Ewan is a bit more abstract, more philosophical in a way, while Brian is more logical and an observer. He wants to make connection, he loves to confront two different systems (probably two language systems), while Ewan loves to explore a character, a human being and his emotions or a visual fantasy.

Ewan wants to be shaken emotionally and to achieve intimacy. Brian wants to connect on the level of thoughts and to spend a nice quiet time.

If you ask Brian what he wants in life, he'd probably say that he doesn't know or that he wants to write, to be happy, to make sense, to move in the right direction.

If you ask Ewan what he wants in life, he's probably say that he wants to live in a beautiful big town with a villa in a close rural village nearby, to spend a few days in the big European city writing, directing a play, reading, watching movies and then spending the weekends in the villa, cooking, doing nothing, walking around, making love. To Ewan the BIG LOVE OF A LIFETIME is VERY important. Brian thinks of it as a possibility, even though he wants it, too.

Brian feeld good in big companies even though he prefers 1:1 communication. His communication style doesn't change no matter if he's in a group or talking to only person. Ewan feels lost and stiffled in large companies. He is totally into 1:1 communication. In large groups he gets restless and often is quiet. In 1:1 communication he loves to talk and becomes livelier. Unlike Brian, Ewan loves to be provocative, especially in larger groups. He loves to confuse.

Ewan comes up with stuff out of nowhere, just feeling it, without thinking about it. But he always questions everything. Brian loves to think things through, to see the options, to think and to choose carefully. He loves to realize the patterns, the structure.

When talking, Ewan is moving all the time, uses gestures etc, while Brian is usually calm and doesn't move much. Ewan's voice is high-pictched, while Brian's deep and calm.

Both love gossip. Ewan adores wine, movies, theatre, books, loves to ride the bus, to watch people, to listen to strangers' conversations. He's somebody who feels and experiences. Brian loves beer, the newspaper, clothes, languages, logic, communication, quietness, walks. He's somebody who thinks and experiences.

You could ask questions, of course. : )