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    Default Please help me type myself.

    Please help me type myself. I'm currently typed as ISFJ but it doesn't feel entirely right yet. I also need to know my enneagram type, if anyone can help with that. Am bad at explaining things, so I provide examples after each statement.

    I love to experience the world through beauty, sound, feel, emotion and nostalgia. Some examples are:
    1) Although screenplay is also important, I really enjoy a film's set/costume design, soundtrack, and cinematography. My favorite film director is Zhang Yimou, known well in part for his use of rich color and other great visuals. In my opinion, some of his best in that aspect can be seen in Curse of the Golden Flower and House of Flying Daggers. Other examples would be Roland Emmerich's films (dramatic, larger-than-life visuals) and Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette (beautiful extravagance). In actual life, simple things like city skylines at night captivate me as well. I think a night in Manhattan would be dazzling. Otherwise, going through flickr galleries is gratifying enough.

    2) I listen to music for the emotions it evokes as well as for the worlds it helps me create (in my mind as well as around me). I like it most when the vocalist or musicians pour pieces of themselves into the song. It gives the song more life. When done at its best, the song can seem as if it actually breathes and emotes. At the most extreme, I feel as if I want to merge into the song and live it. Sometimes my ears get tired and I prefer silence, but for the most part when I am not listening to music, I like to hear audio tracks instead. The best tracks are those with interesting voices, accents, or languages. Busy streets are also great places for sound, although not always pleasant.

    3) I love foods, sweets, and drinks. The aroma, presentation, and texture of these foods affect me as strongly as the taste. I am not addicted to food, but a good plate is one of the highest sensations for me.

    4) Although I don't have the money or opportunity to read much, I enjoy reading for the images and overall vibes that the writers can create. I can easily lose myself in a good book. When I write, I like to do the same. The writer with my favorite style is probably F. Scott Fitzgerald.

    5) I have a long memory. For instance, sometimes a really nice breeze can blow while I'm outside and depending on the feeling of the rest of the environment, it can take me back to childhood times when a similar breeze had blown; I would feel the same, or at least a similar, peace that I had felt then.

    6) I like to talk about old times a lot. Sometimes I can wish that time would stop and I could go on living happily in my own world with nothing disturbing me from the outside. At the same time, the idea of becoming stagnant also scares me.

    7) I love and need variety. I would like to take some of everything if possible, because each one brings something uniquely enjoyable to the table. Just one thing can seem too boring. But I don't like radical change especially if it comes too quickly. For example, parental divorce and re-marrying.

    8) There is a long list of emotionally compelling films, music, and stories, for me anyway, that I cherish highly.

    I have some trouble with day-to-day life. It's always been difficult, even in childhood somewhat, to stay focused for too long without my mind wandering off. If I don't push myself, days and even weeks can go by while I remain completely unproductive. Examples:
    1) I'm underwhelmed at the thought of getting a corporate or other job, handling bills, filing taxes. If given a choice, I would rather pick up a DSLR and travel the world or spend all day creating and living in my own.

    2) I like to know ahead of time because I know what to expect, but in the end, everything depends on my mood. That is a big problem, because when I do not feel like doing something, I can't force myself to do it.

    3) Who I am in my dreams and who I am in life are two very different people. At my worst, I put all of my energy into who I am in my dreams and seem a little bland or lifeless in life.

    4) I often feel like I don't belong anywhere. Sometimes I accept that I won't belong anywhere, other times I try to fight it by pushing myself to try.

    5) Often I can't keep up the energy to maintain relationships. I feel more comfortable with animals than I do with most people.

    6) I'm weaker than a lot of people I know. My defense is avoidance. It's more difficult for me to handle stress and conflict without getting stressed out. When pushed, I can take longer to bounce back. At the worst, I can tune the world out so thoroughly that I'm only half-living.

    7) I have little ambition. I can be stubborn, unreliable, and moody sometimes.

    8) At times attending to certain needs feels burdensome. More specifically, things like having to get the proper amount of sleep each night. Sometimes I wish no one would ever get sleepy.

    I care about not hurting anyone's feelings, showing respect and consideration, and to some extent, being accommodating for guests. Still, I can't help but notice how unfortunately selfish I am at times. Examples:
    1) I have very strong emotions that I love to, sometimes crave to, talk about with others. But I have more trouble handling the strong emotions in everyone else. Being around or trying to deal with someone's sadness or anger can sometimes make me very nervous or uncomfortable.

    2) I think about my problems more than I try to help others with theirs. I'm more interested in sorting myself out than getting involved in the lives of others.

    3) When hurt or feeling attacked, I can speak harshly even though I know it hurts if someone does the same to me. I can also sulk or be passive-aggressive when something upsets me or doesn't go my way.

    Here is where I don't know what else to write. If I need more, please tell me. Thank you for your help.
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    ISFP. (With few INFP tendencies)
    Especially the last part with "first emotional and then actual..." Which could easily indicate Fi and then Se.

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    Your post sounds very ISFP

    Also, enneagram type 9?

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    ISFP definitely! And 9w1 sp/sx maybe?
    () 9w8-3w4-7w6 tritype.

    sCueI (primary Inquisition)

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    I'll go browse the enneagram forum right now.
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