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I vote INFJ but you very much remind me of a certain ENTP here in that your Fe has a very distinct Fi flavor-an individualistic, idealistic bent. That ENTP noted she had an INFP mom.
Hmmm... I really don't think I'm very ENTP at all, though a few people on this thread seem to have thought so for some reason! Just trying to think who that could be... somehow I fell like I ought to know!

I actually found a neat article which discussed the five levels of Fi development. What orangeappled described would be a very advanced way to use Fi-in a precise Ti manner, while I suspect ENFPs Fi is more simplistic, and INTJ Fi even more so...Each person would describe Fi somewhat differently and use it different ways.
This is interesting actually, can you link it?

So perhaps you really can tap into Fi-I have seen several INFJs note they can-but not in the advanced form that an INFP would utilize. The one INFJ who noted this the most was state of the union, also zorg (?) State said it was terribly painful.
It would be interesting in this case to get some feedback from INFPs to see whether they found Fi to be a difficult and painful experience for them or not; or whether it actually helps to give their life fulfilling meaning. I find it rather frustrating to be honest; useful as regards enhanced self-awareness, but sometimes a positive impediment to getting things DONE effectively, which I would like to do a great deal more of