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Thread: ExFx?

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    Default ExFx?

    Alright, I could use a little help typing my mother. I was always sure of her type (I thought), but my ENFP sister is convinced she's something else. Here's what I have off the top of my head:

    - E/I : We both agree she's an E, but a very low key one. She thinks she's borderline E/I, but she's very good with people and can start up a conversation with anyone with ease. She loves being around people, and since she's been divorced from my father for the past 5 years, she goes dancing 2-3 nights a week with her friends (dancing is currently her #1 love )

    - S/N : This one's tricky... My sister thinks she's an N because my mom says she likes to walk in a room and get a "feeling" or "vibe" from everything. And when she describes people she talks about her gut feeling about that person. Honestly I think she's mistaking Fi as N... because she may have a lot of Fi in her. I think she's an S because of her preferred communication style. If I get on my rare Ni tangents (my "play" function), she struggles to follow. She prefers to have details and evidence for thoughts. She's also always loved athletic things. Growing up she barrel raced and was the first "Female Athlete of the Year" in her high school. Now she loooves dancing, as I already mentioned. She also says she prefers "S" men, very practical and down-to-earth, although this probably isn't an argument for why she's an S herself. Lastly, she struggles to follow my sisters Ne tangents. She describes it as "she has her head up in the clouds too much."

    - F/T : She's definitely an F, but very balanced. She's not overly sensitive, and keeps a level head even when she's overwhelmed with stress.

    - J/P : I'm really not sure on this one. I lean toward J because I've always sensed a lot of Fe from her, but my mom always relates to anything she reads about Fi too. She's not the most organized person ever, but she does like making decisions relatively quickly. She struggled with the go-with-the-flow attitude of an ISFP she recently dated. My sister always remembers her being late and disorganized growing up, but in her defense, she also had 4 very quirky kids :P

    Anyways... thoughts? Sorry for the tangent! Overall, she seems balanced among all her letters, really. She's a tricky one to type. But as you probably guessed, my sister thinks she's an ENFP. I always thought she was an ESFJ, or an ESFx at the very least.
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    ESFJ would be my first guess. Does she use Se or Si? That's the key.

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    ESFJ would be my first guess too. But it's better settled by figuring out whether she has the SJ temperament or SP temperament rather than just 'judging' or 'perceiving' by itself. What can't she live without? Stability, rules, structure? Or experiences, excitement, and sensation?

    In case you're looking for good temperament descriptions, these are some of the best ones out there, in my opinion:
    Myers-Briggs Temperaments

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    She might be an ENFP with a lot of Te.

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