Okay, some time has passed, but since this kept going through my head, I repeated both the Jung test on similarminds and the cognitive functions test on keys2cognition and the results from similarminds stay the same: INTP, Ennegram 5w4, sp/so/sx.
The result for cognitve functions: Ne, Ti, Te, Fi, Fe, Se, Si (go figure!)

So apparently I´m a mess. Since I don´t fully identify with either description and some NTs have a tendency to deny any NX the NT badge, I´ll just go with the X for a while.

I´ll be home with my family this week and will try to do the test with them (sofar I only know my little sister´s type: a self tested ISFP with a PhD in Molecular Biotechnology who was always tops in Calculus and has a strong disinterest in language, art, politics and philosophy, loves Dan Brown, Twilight, Titanic and Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals ...my opposite in many ways). I hope to get some insight into our family history from this. Whish me luck!